In a BYOD World, Is IT Redundant?
Reports on death of IT departments in the managing Bring Your Own Device era has been overstated. However, it's clear that if IT doesn't accept its new role and revamp its avatar -- one that's alert less towards individual user support and more vigilant on setting policies -- then it might be time to write the obituary.

Gartner: Cloud-based Mobile Device Management (MDM) is latest craze in market
In order to set mobile devices such as tablets and Smartphone's used in business under management controls, the enterprise has showed preference for acquiring mobile device management (MDM) software where server and management console components are kept on premises. But this trend is too changing, as companies are now moving towards cloud-based MDM, according to Gartner.

How to Develop a Robust Mobile Device Policy
Companies that put in dedicated policies for trusted work systems are now faced with a deluge of mobile devices in the workplace, particularly consumer level products. Read what Gartner VP and distinguished analyst, John Girard, suggests.

44 billion apps will be downloaded by 2016- ABI Research
A new ABI Research study predicts there will be 44 billion mobile application downloads by 2016 worldwide. ABI also found that Google's (NASDAQ:GOOG) Android, as well as Microsoft (NASDAQ:MSFT) Windows Phone 7, are catching up with Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) as the mobile operating systems expand their bases, further contributing to the sharp rise in mobile app downloads.

Enterprise adoption of ultra-mobile devices is predicted to hit $12.5 billion by 2015 - ABI Research
Although Apple introduced the iPad as a consumer-focused device, enterprise suppliers are already preparing it for business use. For instance, we have Cisco releasing its WebEx Meeting Center application for Apple's tablet, and I'm sure other enterprise solution makers will follow the example in no time.

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