Device Lockdown
Android KIOSK Mode

Restrict android devices for enterprise use and block entertainment applications to prevent employee distractions and increase performance. Control kiosk remotely and selectively allow user access to device peripherals. Blacklist insecure websites and restrict third party application installation on devices. Enforce complex passcodes to prevent employees from exiting or uninstalling kiosk mode and administer compliance audits regularly to detect violations.

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Features of Android KIOSK Mode


Single App Mode

Restrict devices to run a single business application and blacklist all other apps to increase employee productivity and reduce data usage. The device will automatically launch kiosk mode even after a restart. Block factory reset to ensure users cannot wipe or factory reset a device.


Multi App Mode

Lock down Android devices to run a small set of business-specific applications and block access to social media apps, games and other entertainment applications. Customize kiosk mode to display whitelisted apps and empower users to focus on the intended purpose of device.


Enable KIOSK Remotely

KIOSK can be enabled or disabled remotely by admin according to company requirements. Enforce password policy to prevent users from uninstalling or exiting kiosk mode. Block safe mode, guest user mode and task manager to prevent unauthorized access of devices.


Remote Support

Control kiosk remotely, view device screen, push or delete files and fix issues in real-time to reduce device downtime and optimize operational processes. Manage device settings widget over kiosk mode and enable or disable it remotely according to company requirements.


Custom Branding

Customize kiosk mode to display organization’s logo, values, advertisements and use it as a wallpaper on locked devices. It offers a perfect way to brand business equipment and provides employees with a sense of identity by building customized enterprise experience.


Peripheral Control

Control user access to device functionalities such as screen rotation, flashlight, volume, bluetooth, Wi-Fi, brightness, and more. Configure volume level remotely for notifications, alarm or media. Disable home, back and power button to prevent employees from exiting kiosk mode.


Customized MDM Browser

Provide access to specific websites to enable controlled browsing on devices. Install a separate browser configured to access whitelisted websites along with MDM app and restrict the usage of all other browsers. Delete browser cache remotely on all the devices to increase data security.


Device Monitoring

Set up a geofence and track device location in real-time to get insights in case of malpractice. Monitor device health status such as data consumption, app wise data usage, battery level, signal strength, device storage, etc. and send alerts in case defined threshold levels are met.


Central Management

Manage and monitor all the android devices across different locations from a unified platform. Install applications, files and app updates remotely to devices to keep the kiosk up to date. Uninstall malicious applications and restrict third party application installation to increase data security.

Benefits of Device Lockdown - KIOSK Mode


Compliance Audits

Conduct compliance checks regularly to detect violations and make informed decisions to increase security of corporate data. Set up a notification policy to receive instant alerts regarding geo-fence breach, device battery level, rooting attempts, data consumption level, unauthorized access of device and more.


Enhance Employee Productivity

Block all the entertainment apps from devices including games, social media apps, gallery, video, music, etc to empower users to focus more at work and increase employee performance. Track real-time location of employees and monitor routes followed by them.


Increase Data Security -

Set up geo-fence and set limitations on corporate resources that the employees have access to, once they move out of the defined perimeter. Block USB, messages, screen capture functionality, copy/paste feature, file sharing access, bluetooth to prevent users from sharing confidential data with others.


Cost Reduction

Kiosk mode disables all the non-business applications such as games, social media apps, gallery, video and music apps, thereby reducing data costs. Disable data roaming to prevent users from being charged for making calls or using data in roaming network.


Remote Assistance

Manage all the devices from a single platform and provide remote assistance to fix issues and reduce device downtime. Install or uninstall applications, take screenshots, push or delete files from a device without user intervention.

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