How Android Kiosk Browser Helps In Data Protection?

November 1, 2016

Kiosk Browser

The use of smartphone and tablets are increasing rapidly in enterprises for better in-business communication. However, this comes with disadvantages as well. Loss of data, device theft or lost for the lack of asset management are common. However, with the proper implementation of Android kiosk Browser and Kiosk mode Solution or Kiosk Software, you can get rid of these issues. Here are few of the constraints discussed that can help you widely:

Asset Management:

Certainly, your Mobile Device Management Software or kiosk Software administrator must maintain a list of devices to be managed which is, your mobile asset inventory. However, what should your inventory management will furnish, and how will it be upheld ?

  • Details of device inventory

The physical details you need to track about your asset inventories beyond the basics (Firmware version, device ID, hardware model etc.) are crucial and not very easy to manage manually.  Kiosk can help you record and generate report on related assets like removable memory and wireless adapters.

  • Inventory classification

Classifying the inventories can help you categorizing and managing your assets better. An Android Kiosk or Kiosk App android lets you to classify the inventories as per you needs.

  • Physical tracking

If you want to know the physical location of your device it can be done. With Kiosk Mode Device Lockdown Solution you can real time track your devices on the go. Where ever your devices are you can track the same physically.

  • Integrating Database

If you already have an inventory managing system, you need to integrate your past database with your Kiosk to make it a common database for upgraded asset management. Kiosk will also save your cost detaching your old management systems.

Data Protection:

There is always risk of losing valuable data at the endpoints. Kiosk Mode can help you to enhance data security if you ensure the following constraints:

  • Data backup and restore policy setups

If your device gets lost or stolen, you might end up losing all your corporate data with a risk of getting leaked to third party. However, you can keep data backup at the cloud storage with the help of Kiosk Software and restore when needed. In case data wiping is needed, that can also be done via lock and wipe feature.

  • Encryption of data

Your mobile devices might fall into some others hand to whom you do not intend to share your corporate data. Data encryption can help you to stop these unauthorized accesses. This  offers you to encrypt data with hardware or software settings to keep your data safe and secure.

  • Tracking of data flow

By tracking the data flow can help you to get update if some sensitive data is misused or copied to their devices. Kiosk can control and report on sensitive documents transferred during OTA synchronization or onto removable media.

Hence, if you are planning to make your asset management & data protection stronger than ever, Kiosk Mode Device lockdown solution can help you to execute the same with above mentioned points.

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