How Android Kiosk Mode Enhancing Business Operations & Revenue?

October 3, 2016

Kiosk App Android

Kiosks or kiosk solutions for mobile devices are increasingly used in industries like logistic, retail, and others for their benefits of improved operations and customer services. A device lockdown solution allows business owners to restrict a set number of apps to be used on mobile devices for enterprise use with kiosk app android.

A kiosk mode automates business processes, like taking orders, direct cash payment, product demonstration, floor navigation, inventory management, self-check-ins, and more. Apart from enhancing the user experience, such a solution also restricts unauthorized usage of mobile apps and data, preventing unwanted expenses.

What is a Kiosk mode?

A device lockdown solution allows IT managers to restrict the use of deployed mobile devices to a particular list of apps only. For this, access to device’s home page, settings, and other features is locked with an admin password, and only required apps are allowed to be used.

This mode helps businesses save costs of deploying a separate physical kiosk for every need and deliver customer-oriented services.

Benefits of Kiosk Mode

Using device lockdown helps businesses deliver better services at reduced costs. Some of the business benefits of using kiosk app Android are listed below:

  •  Reduce the cost of deploying physical kiosks everywhere.
  •  Enhance customer satisfaction & loyalty, with digitized service delivery.
  •  Prevent unauthorized use with devices restricted to enterprise use only
  •  Save expenses of unwanted mobile data use.
  •  Enhance business productivity with access to required apps
  •  Customizable to enterprise mobility needs.
  •  Seamless workflow with remote device management & health monitoring.

Finding the Right Solution

However, access to the best solution is essential to avail such benefits, for which, some features listed below must be considered.

  •  Password-protected lockdown mode for smartphones & tablets
  •  Restricted access to selected apps only
  •  Display widgets & application shortcuts on home screen
  •  Restricted access to device settings
  •  Password-protected access to selected apps
  •  Auto-launch apps on startup
  •  Customized home screen
  •  Remote deployment and management

DeviceMax device lockdown for Android offers all the above-discussed features and benefits to business owners. DeviceMax helps turn corporate devices, assigned to on-field employees, into kiosks to reduce costs, deliver enhanced customer experience, and ensure superior productivity with better time management