How Android Kiosk Software Prevet Unauthorized Data Access?

November 13, 2016

android kiosk software

Employees of business world are scattered in multiple places, in the office, on the field, and some work from home by using Kiosk app android software. While sharing sensitive corporate data with all of the employees, managers need to take serious precautions to safeguard the data. Most of the organizations are using device lockdown solutions with Android kiosk software and other features to meet the needs of a secure mobility.

Let’s discuss how kiosk mode can help you to do the same:

Single Sign On (SSO) is a good way to make the authentication process stronger. It allows the user to access all the authorized apps at a time, with a single login, using a unique ID & password combination for each user. This process helps track which user is allowed access to what information, while unique login credentials for each ensure protection of apps & devices from unauthorized access or data hacks.

Android kiosk Mode feature turns a company-owned Android mobile device into a handheld kiosk. With this, the home screen of the mobile device turned kiosk is replaced with a customized display showing allowed apps only. This helps prevent any unauthorized access to device settings, other apps on the device, and restricts users from installing/uninstalling apps or making any configuration changes as well. This helps save costs by restricting unauthorized use of corporate resources for personal tasks.

Containerization is another way that helps organizations save data security on the user device. This allows IT managers to create a separate container (or folder) on the end-user device, to contain all the corporate data only. This helps restrict the list of apps that can view and/or access the data stored in a container. With an Android kiosk software, IT managers can be sure of their data prevented from any malicious attack on-device, as well as wipe the data whenever required.

Lockdown kiosk Android is also a solution to ensure user privacy along with data security as well. Since a lockdown mode prevents access to the basic features of the device as well, any unauthorized user can’t view, share, or modify details of the employees or customers stored on it. In fact, if in any case, a non-authorized user needs to access such data or information, the IT admin can grant either a temporary or a permanent access.

Thus, an Android kiosk software ensures data security, privacy, as well as better productivity with optimized costs with the features discussed above. If you haven’t started using an Enterprise Mobility Management or Mobile Device Management tools yet, We offer robust solution to the android devices of enterprises and companies to better mobile data security. However, if you are reluctant or not sure if it would be beneficial to your business, you can begin with a 14-days free trial.