What Is Android Mobile Device Management?

December 26, 2016

Mobile Device Management Android

Mobile device management Android refers to supervise the use of Android mobile devices remotely. With mobile businesses gaining traction along with the rising need of versatile business services, a successful business needs to move out of the four-walled area. You have to communicate specifically with your clients and business representatives at whatever point and wherever they are.

Mobility expands business efficiencies and profitability. Your business gains an upper hand with mobile employees having rapid access to required data and applications. However, it is essential to ensure that security of data or productivity of employees is not compromised by with mobile access to corporate data.

A Mobile Management System combines various features and tools to help business owners remotely take charge of the business mobility.

  • Remotely Configure APN, Wi-Fi, VPN
  • Ping and Trace Utility for Troubleshooting
  • Introduce, Remove, and Update Applications Remotely
  • Notify Administrator when Unauthorized Apps are Installed
  • Keeps a track of Applications Installed on Device
  • Scheduled Backups
  • Remotely Wipe data in case of theft
  • Information Analytics like Device Performance
  • Enforce Password Policy

Thus, selecting the best MDM Software for your operational needs is essential. For this, you should evaluate your mobility needs and compare different products for the best solution to your business challenges.

Here are a couple of rules to consider before selecting your product:

  1. Recognize which particular applications your business and representatives utilize or require.
  2. Search for a product arrangement that can deal with various working frameworks without the requirement for extra base.
  3. Search for a MDM arrangement that coordinates with your current administration stage as opposed to a stand alone arrangement.
  4. Ensure the arrangement can match your future development.
  5. Take a free trial before purchasing.
  6. Evaluate the cost of Cloud based MDM connected with the arrangement.

DeviceMax provides Mobile Device Management Android security solution to various small and medium enterprises  to manage their devices remotely with 30 days free trial.