Demystify mPOS Security with MDM

Many retailers have adopted mobile point of sale systems (mPOS) to improve their customer experience. As per a market research by Technavio, the global mPOS market is predicted to grow at a CAGR of 50% between 2016-2020. mPOS devices carry out innumerable transactions. However, these transactions remain at the risk of being compromised. It is so because mobile devices like tablets and smartphones are meant to be used by consumers. They have several features that are not just restricted to take payments. In addition, these devices are used by multiple users, which makes them vulnerable to a lot of risks. Therefore, using them for taking payments through credit/debit cards necessitates ensuring their security with MDM (Mobile Device Management).

Here are a few security recommendations to ensure mPOS devices do not end up being misused:

Using Apps only from Trusted Sources

Retailers must consider the safety of apps being used on their mPOS devices. It is also important to ensure employees get access only to selective apps on the same. MDM helps enabling use of selective apps on mobile devices for POS.

Tracking Lost or Stolen Devices

It is likely that mPOS devices get lost or stolen as they are used by multiple users. However, by deploying MDM, it becomes feasible to enable real-time location tracking of these devices.

Enable Device Lock & Wipe

mPOS devices contain sensitive data including credit/debit card numbers and the data related to transactions. With lock and wipe features of MDM, retailers can either lock the device that restricts its further usage or remotely wipe the data that it carries as soon as a device is reported to be lost or stolen.

Monitoring Device Health

While it is important to ensure safety of a mobile point of sale system, it is equally important to monitor device info & health. Keeping track of device’s battery usage, RAM, and CPU status ensures that customers do not come across glitches while making payments.

Inventory Management

It is vital for companies to be able to control mPOS devices and monitor their access. It relates to knowing which devices are in stock, where these are being accessed, who owns them, and more.

Thus, an MDM solution can ensure safety in the usage of mobile point of sale systems. It’s features help restrict mPOS device usage only for corporate purpose. DeviceMax’s award-winning MDM solution have comprehensive solution offerings for efficient mPOS management. Contact us to know more about MDM solutions for mPOS devices.