What Are The Applications Of Enterprise Mobility Solutions?

October 27, 2016

Enterprise Mobility Solutions

Mobile devices have become an important part of many industries including warehouse, retail, logistics and more. However, with an increasing use of tablets as well as smartphones in enterprises, IT managers must manage, monitor and secure the device usage to avoid any unnecessary access. Leveraging efficient enterprise mobility solutions empower organizations to easily manage inventory and assets, thus ensuring corporate security and increasing business efficiency.

Below are some of the applications of deploying effective enterprise mobility solutions

Asset Management

A mobile device management solution enables enterprises to easily maintain a list of devices to be managed including the entire mobile asset inventory. This includes keeping a record of mobile assets, their location, usage, history of purchase, upgrades and more. Therefore, an efficient enterprise mobility solution ensures proper use, maintenance, and upgrade of mobility resources, which an enterprise has invested in.

Lockdown Mode

The managed devices can be lockdown, thus restricting the user access to one or a specific set of enterprise approved applications. Non business apps and websites such as social media apps, music, video apps, games and more can be disabled to prevent distractions and increase employee productivity. Retailers can enforce lockdown mode to restrict devices to run a single POS application or multiple business specific applications.

The admin can selectively allow user access to device peripherals such as screen rotation, bluetooth, flashlight, screen brightness, audio, Wi-Fi and more. Home and power button can be disabled to prevent users from exiting the lockdown mode.

Location Tracking

Tracking real time location of devices is an important aspect of industries with on field services such as delivery service providers, etc. By tracking real time location of field agents, managers can easily assign job tasks as per their geographic area.

The location tracking feature provides real time location of all the managed devices and helps admin to get regular updates regarding it. Also, the admin can set up geofences to restrict device usage outside a specified area. The location tracking feature enables organizations to monitor device location at all times, check routes followed by field agents and track employees with suspicious behavior.

Enforce Passwords

To prevent unauthorized access and increase security of corporate data present in the devices, the admin can enforce a strong passcode policy using mobile device management software. The IT administrator can set the passcode complexity and also schedule a frequent password change to ensure that users change device passwords on a regular basis.

Real Time Data

The central dashboard of mobile device management solution offers a bird eye view of entire device inventory. It helps enterprises to gain actionable insights about all the enrolled devices and gather data regarding application installation summary, compliance metrics, battery status, data usage, network status, enrolment status and more. This enables organizations to proactively detect issues and avert risks in order to improve overall business performance.

Also, the IT administrator can track real time location of all the managed devices on a central dashboard with geographical coordinates to know the last operational location. The admin can schedule regular scans to detect any compliance violations and make informed decisions to increase security of corporate data present in the devices.

Secure Work Container on Employee Owned Devices

Enterprises who adopt BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) policy, mobile device management solution helps them to create a dedicated space on employee owned devices for work related documents, applications, and other business data. This helps to keep corporate data separate from personal data. Also, the admin can enforce separate container password to restrict unauthorized access.

The admin will only be able to manage the work container while keeping personal data untouched. Moreover, the admin can restrict data sharing and enforce copy paste restriction to prevent data leakage.

Application and Content Security

With the help of mobile device management solution, the admin can install apps as well as app updates, upload documents and other business files, delete apps, content remotely from the managed devices. It enables easy access to work related apps as well as content and helps improve workforce productivity.

The admin can distribute, manage and track applications over the air. Also, the content shared with employees can be encrypted so that it is rendered unreadable to unauthorized users. The content can be decrypted only by an approved person. This helps to increase security of data in case a device goes missing.

Threat Management

Enterprises can establish secure connections with remotely configured Virtual Private Networks (VPNs). The organizations can gain complete control over data sharing by restricting bluetooth, file sharing access, USB, screenshot feature, copy paste, and more. The admin can uninstall malicious applications remotely from devices and restrict installation of third party applications.

The IT administrator can detect rooted or jail broken devices to prevent unauthorized access. Enterprises can receive real time alerts in case of unauthorized access of devices, geofence breach, rooting or jail breaking attempts, data limit, device battery level and more. This helps them to make informed decisions to increase security of corporate data.

Remote Lock or Wipe

In case a device gets stolen or misplaced, then the admin can remotely lock or wipe a device to prevent unauthorized access and increase security of corporate data. The admin can wipe the device fully or partially. Full data wipe enables enterprises to delete all the data from the device whereas partial data wipe allows selection of folders from device storage to delete data. Partial data wipe can be used to delete corporate files from employee owned devices, leaving personal data untouched.


If you have a mobile workforce using mobile devices at work, then device management and data security are serious concerns. However, investing in a reliable enterprise mobility solution, helps organizations to ensure better asset management and data protection for their business.