Top 5 Benefits Of Enterprise Mobility For Hotels

November 28, 2016

Enterprise Mobility

Android mobile devices are enhancing the customer experience of the hotel industry. To improve the guest service delivery mechanism, crucial role is to be played by smart mobiles to engage and attract the customer, as for the hotel industry, we all know that Guest service is the King. With the adoption of Enterprise Mobility, individually owned hotels as well as big branded chains are now deploying this solution to cut costs, improve their hotel staff services and create a good impression on their guests. Hotel apps also enable delivering innovating services to the customers, in which, apps are not just limited to reservation even they have moved beyond that.

So, Lets discuss which 5 benefits of EMM pushing hoteliers to go mobile:-

Delight Guests: When a guest or a customer check in a hotel, he expects to be treated with world-class facilities. In addition to cleanliness and quick service, today customers prefer destinations with digital services. Enterprise mobile management helps hotel owners deploy tablets, allowing guests to easily and conveniently check-in/out, raise any complaint or query, browse & book facilities, rooms, and other services, with digital delight.

Boost Staff Productivity : With the help of Enterprise Mobility Solution you can manage your hotel staff easily. This solution will help you receive an order request on  devices deployed, address their request fast, which directly leads to productivity and efficiency boost.

Get More Customers: With the Mobile apps you can get more customers. According to world travel statistics, almost 40% of the hotels are booked through apps. So, it’s clear if you are not using mobile applications, then you can miss opportunities of business.

Better Operation Management: With a managed use of mobile devices to deliver services in a hotel, managers can keep a better control over the execution of services, and operations. For instance, admins can keep an eye on service requests, manage hotel inventory, and ensure that all queries/complaints/requests of guests are addressed properly. Thus, an enterprise mobility application allows simplified and better management of hotel operations.

So, with the contribution of Mobility Enterprise solutions, its continuously enhancing the customers & guests experience. With DeviceMax MDM or Lockdown solution; your all issues related to hotel staff productivity and customer experience can be addressed.You can also get 14 days free trail for better experience.