Choosing The Best MDM Platform: Complete Checklist

February 2, 2021

Best MDM Platform

Mobile devices empower today’s professionals to work remotely and conveniently with nothing but a smartphone or tablet in place. According to Statista, there were over 3.5 billion smartphone users in 2020. That number will most likely rise to 3.8 billion by the end of 2021. As the use of mobile devices rises, the need to manage these devices effectively rise with it.

Companies are always finding ways to optimize employee performance. It’s no secret that mobile devices can be a deterrent to that once untethered. That’s why it’s important to have an MDM solution, a platform to help manage accessibility and utility of mobile devices. What factors must organizations consider when selecting the best MDM solution?

Here are some parameters to consider.

1. Ease of use

Proper system use and its intuitiveness are always intertwined with each other. With any MDM program or software, factors like the interface, the ease of enrolling new devices, or intuitiveness of navigation and design are extremely important. One great feature of mobile device management software that works is its ease of use. This will directly affect how effectively corresponding managers might implement the software.

Nowadays, mobility is also an important factor when considering a software’s ease of use. As people start to work remotely, cloud-based mobile device management tools are best so they can be easily accessed by the right people anytime and anywhere.

2. Security

One of the main reasons why MDM solutions are important for companies is its security implications. There are many security-related factors to consider when choosing a mobile device management software, such as sensitivity of content stored, containment capabilities, and so on. Security management is critical to any MDM solution selection process. When choosing MDM solutions, it’s important to get a product that ensures proper lockdown or usage restrictions upon breach of security protocols.

Quality solutions will have the ability to block malware, malicious bots, and unauthorized logins automatically, since employees might access unsecure websites or apps at any point of time. It’s also essential to get a mobile device management software that allows for a remote wipe in the case of security breaches. When choosing an MDM software, also consider the security and privacy rules and regulations your solution will have to comply with and meet.

3. Devices managed

The categories of mobile devices have branched out into multiple variants quickly over time. There are various types of smartphones, tablets, and wearables today running on different operating systems. Some organizations might have Apple devices. Others might have Android or Windows. And in many cases, some businesses will even have a good mix of all in their company.

Accordingly, businesses should take into high consideration the devices that an MDM software supports. Based on this data, businesses can more accurately find the best MDM solution that will fit their needs and budget. Managing employee productivity with MDM software will effectively take into consideration what devices staff and employees currently use.

4. Support and service management

It’s safe to say that respective MDM management users will understand every single nut and bolt there is to any system. That’s where the need for good support and service management comes in. Understanding mobile device management software capabilities and limitations becomes a whole lot easier with the right guidance in place.

Find the right MDM software with proper customer service and support. Ideally, a provider will also offer onboarding and set up support and provide instructions all throughout the implementation process. Some also have the advantage of having an extensive knowledge base and community support to allow customers to better find contextual solutions to case-based concerns.

5. Content management

At the heart of an organization’s virtual operations is the way they effectively manage their content. Given that 71% of workers spend over two hours a week accessing company information on mobile, decision-makers must take into consideration how people will be able to download, upload, consume, view, and edit content.

A good solution will enable employees to effectively distribute and modify content that the central dashboard sends out to enrolled devices. This factor can be very helpful in various cases, including disseminating company-wide information, announcements, usage reports, or software issues.

Find Solutions That Work For You

Services as software provide a world of possibilities for businesses. They provide many advantages, like these benefits of collaboration software from CompareCamp, for example. As more innovations like mobile device management software, collaboration tools, and productivity apps come out, it’s important to find the best tool that will serve your needs best. When selecting the right tool, research can become your best friend. So take the time to really find the right solutions that work for you. Take the time to study all variables and make a decision based on all parameters and considerations. By doing so, you’ll find a resource that will significantly improve the way your company operates.