Best Mobile Device Management Solution for Business

November 25, 2016

Mobile Device Management Solution

Technology is changing the entire way of doing business. Only a few years ago, mobile devices were used for only calling and SMS messaging. Now with the evolution of smart phones, it has become much easier for businesses to maintain their  business communication. Immediate access to data is just a touch away. However, to manage android devices, specifically when on field has become a daunting task for business owners. The threats of data security, judging productivity, saving support cost and many others have become major challenges these days. This is why Mobile Device Management Solution has become so useful these days.

A research from says that Smartphone brings the greatest IT risk than ever.

  • 80% says smart phones are a big concern.
  • 69% says that third party applications bring threat.
  • 42% says remote employees with mobile devices bring threat.

28% of respondents say that endpoint threats cannot be stopped practically. However, for other threats there is solution.

Mobile device management solution is an easy to use software solution that simplifies the management of personal devices without compromising security or privacy. Mobile device management solution MDM also provides flexible approaches for enrollment, policy enforcement, asset management, and the distribution of contents, apps and documents, all based on device ownership as for enterprise owned and BYOD policies are not the same. This  solutions handle monitoring, deploying and management through an integrated admin panel.

In just a few quick clicks, an administrator can start registering devices and instantly can manage the whole mobile device lifecycle. From enrollment to enterprise integration, monitoring and security, configuration and management, analytics and reporting to support; everything can be controlled remotely with the help of dashboard.

Once Cloud Based MDM solution deployed, devices can easily:

  • Manage smartphones, and rugged devices.
  • Remotely manage on-device apps.
  • Enforce the corporate policies.
  • Track and monitor devices in real-time
  • Whitelist authorized specific websites
  • Remotely lock & wipe device data in case of device stolen

Whether you are running a small business or a large one, there are risks of data loss and unauthorized use of mobile devices. Specifically data loss is something you cannot bear the damage if it reaches your competitor. As the adage goes, ‘prevention is better than cure’, it would be a smart step for you to take Mobile Management Software right away.

Mobile device management solutions help the companies to focus on using mobility technology rather than the complexities of controlling it. When you are ready to deploy MDM solution for your business, DeviceMax is definitely worth a test drive.

Once enrolled in the DeviceMax console, company’s admins can easily make the changes that will be depends upon company requirement, insure compliance and control, monitor the device by utilizing the single Web-based console.