Top BYOD Benefits For Businesses

November 18, 2016

Mobile Application Management

BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) is a somewhat new concept and is trending, especially for startup businesses. It has its own benefits, especially in a startup atmosphere. Many startup businesses are encouraging and promoting BYOD these days whereas it is already an accepted norm in reputed companies all over the world with Mobile application Management Software or Mobile device management software.

Here are some of the benefits of BYOD and a bit on how to handle it in your startup eco-system.

Cost saving: The most pressing concern in any startup is the lack of funds. The concept of BYOD has earned a lot of traction. It helps to decrease cost and increases productivity of employees with Mobile app management. Smart mobile devices are fixed assets and they depreciate over short span time. With BYOD, you’ll have a stronger balance sheet with one less depreciation expense to keep up your profit and loss.

Work anytime anywhere: When your employees are always connected to the emails, project status and leads they can connect themselves with work whenever they want regardless of the location. As a result, your operational process becomes much faster and work never stops in the absence of any employee inside the office.

Better customer acquisition: If you can respond an inbound lead within 60 to 120 seconds via email or call, you can have a better chance of converting them as a customer. For a startup, Mobile device management android or Mobile Management System competition is high and it is better to respond to opportunities in no time. Once you have a great product and a responsive support culture, the rest will follow. As a result, you will ultimately win the heart of customers and gain more customers.

Employee comfort level: If you are providing a new device with different keyboard interface, different operating systems or new settings it can be hard for your employees to adopt and work with the same speed. However, in BYOD there is an advantage that they can do their work comfortably as they are already habituated with the device.  Therefore, the productivity is increased at the end of the day.

Less number of troubleshooting issues: Troubleshooting is your responsibility when you provide devices to your employees. Whereas in the case of BYOD, employee is responsible for any issues that happen to the devices. This advantage not only save your cost but also reduces the number of IT tickets.

Hence, this is certain that as a startup if you opt for BYOD policy then it would be beneficial for your startup business. However, it is not easy to manage android devices and mobile application management & number of devices with different settings, OS versions and keep a balance between employee privacy and company data. A Mobile Device Management tool with advanced features can resolve these issues efficiently.

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