BYOD & Mobile Device Management Tools- Helping Startups Grow

November 9, 2016

BYOD& Mobile_Device_Management_Tools

BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) is an IT strategy that allows employees to use their own devices to access enterprise resources and perform business operations. With the implementation of remote working across the world due to Covid-19 pandemic, the need for BYOD has increased. Adopting a BYOD policy provides a couple of benefits to organizations such as reduced hardware costs, increased workforce productivity, and more.

However, despite the advantages that BYOD offers, there are numerous risks that pose a burden on company’s assets. Using personal devices to access business data can pose a security threat to confidential enterprise information accessed through these devices. Therefore, BYOD adoption coupled with mobile device management solution can help startups to manage employee-owned devices and increase security of corporate data.

How can enterprises manage BYO devices using mobile device management software?

Easy Enrolment 

The IT admin can register BYO devices to MDM software and configure them with security protocols. It streamlines onboarding process and enables organizations to push business files, apps and policies.

In enterprises which have a mix of both corporate as well as employee owned devices, the admin needs to apply separate policies for each category. Using a mobile device management solution, admin can assemble personal devices into separate groups after which policies can be applied and corporate apps can be distributed to the devices.


Mobile device management solution enables to create a secure work container on BYO devices to keep corporate data separate from personal data. This allows organizations to easily and efficiently manage employee-owned devices by controlling only the work profile while leaving personal data untouched. The admin can restrict unauthorized sharing of enterprise data between business and personal apps, unauthorized devices and third-party cloud apps or services.

Creating a separate work container on employee owned devices helps to maintain data integrity as well as user privacy. If the user wants to leave the organization, deleting work profile will remove corporate data from the device.

Remote Selective Wipe

Since BYO devices are meant for employees’ personal use as well, the probability of them being stolen or misplaced is high. Thus, it is crucial to secure confidential data present in these devices. With a mobile device management platform, IT admin can selectively wipe corporate data from device remotely. Additionally, the work container on a BYO device can be protected with a complex password to increase security of data.

Also, if an employee with a BYO device wants to leave the organization, partial data wipe feature will help to delete all the corporate data from device, leaving personal data untouched.

Data Sharing Restrictions

With MDM solution, organizations can enforce strong security and data protection policies such as disabling copy/paste feature, screen sharing functionality, file sharing access, screenshot feature and more. The corporate data can be encrypted to prevent users from sharing confidential business information with others. The employees can access corporate files only from pre-approved apps installed and managed by IT admin.

Secured Network Access

When employees use their personal devices for office work, enterprises have no control over network the devices are connected to. Consequently, to minimize the security risk, mobile device management solution can help organizations to enforce VPN (Virtual Private Network). This allows to build a safe passageway to network and offers employees secure access to business data.

How BYOD management benefits enterprises?

Cost Saving

One of the most serious concerns faced by startups is the lack of funds. Therefore, adopting a BYOD policy helps enterprises to save on employee device costs and reduce operational expenses. Moreover, with BYO devices, troubleshooting and maintenance becomes the responsibility of employees themselves. This helps to decrease the number of device issue tickets raised to IT department and eliminates maintenance costs.

Secured and Easy Access to Data

An efficient mobile device management solution provides easy and secure access to enterprise data by enforcing policies to protect it. The software enables admin to limit the amount and type of data that an employee can access on their personal device. Location based restrictions can also be applied, thereby, allowing access to data within a specific geographical area.

Also, MDM helps to conduct regular checks of security policy implementation on all devices. This assists in detecting violations and empowers enterprises to secure data.

Employee Privacy

It is important to ensure privacy of employees while they are using the device for both corporate as well as personal use. Therefore, MDM helps to make a work profile on BYO devices to keep confidential enterprise data separate from personal data. It also enables to disable GPS tracking of employee owned devices outside work locations to ensure privacy of users. Moreover, when the employee wants to leave the organization, corporate data can be deleted from the BYO device using remote selective wipe feature.

Flexible Work Schedule

Using BYO devices gives employees the flexibility to work even after office hours. It enables employees to work while travelling or to operate from a remote location and stay connected to office emails, projects, leads. It helps to increase employee satisfaction as they can use the device at their own pace.

Improve Employee Productivity

Adopting a BYOD policy in your startup will help employees to work on devices they are comfortable with. Making employees comfortable at work enhances their efficiency. They would not require any additional time to learn the functionalities of a new device, thus increasing productivity. Moreover, employees are more careful in maintaining and updating their personal devices for efficiency purpose.

Final Thoughts

BYOD policies are a hit with both enterprises as well as employees as they are less resource intensive, bring in more flexibility and help to build a comfortable work environment for employees. However, with startups embracing BYOD program, mobile device management solution is crucial for its implementation. It provides complete protection of corporate resources along with ensuring employee privacy. An effective MDM solution offers secure access to corporate resources on BYO devices, facilitates remote working and increases employee productivity.