BYOD Program For Device Management

December 7, 2016

Manage Android Devices

Mobile phones and personal devices have become an integral part of our lives. We always carry our smart phones with us and when we can’t find our phones then we feel lost. We are always connected with the internet, not only in our personal lives but also in the professional ones. When mobile device use started impacting employee productivity, BYOD entered the corporate world as a correction measure. Employees bring their own devices to their workplace and use them for personal as well as professional work and companies manage android devices of employees with MDM solution. A BYOD program allows business admins to manage devices used by employees, restricting any non-official use during work hours.

Lets discuss why BYOD is important in workplace :-

  1. Increased Productivity :-Employees can respond to emails anytime, from anywhere, and work on company’s documents in their devices, which creates a positive impact on employee productivity. According to Forrester’s study, mobile enterprise services or Mobile MDM helps a business improve in terms of flexibility, productivity, and ROI. “Anytime, anywhere” access to the workplace helped employees improve their productivity by 45-60 minutes a week, as per the study.
  2. Increased Satisfaction :-According to CapGemini, Bring Your Own Device It’s all about Employee Satisfaction and Productivity, not Costs, workers feel good while working on their own devices. It increases employee satisfaction, work flexibility & data security.
  3. Financial savings :-BYOD policies also save financial cost of organizations and companies. Employees bring their new upgrade devices on the workplace and organization can enforce BYOD policies with latest features.
  4. Operation Agility :- Mobility or Enterprise MDM enables employees to be available round-the-clock, which is a great business benefit, when dealing with global clients. Employees can stay in touch and communicate with their clients in the different time zones, easily and conveniently, and attract a better business value and revenue.

Here are certain steps to Secure & Improve your BYOD Program

  1. Create a BYOD Strategy with Business case and Goal
  2. Create operation and support model
  3. Analyze the risk
  4. Create secure BYOD policy
  5. Secure apps and devices
  6. Verify and test the security of the information
  7. Measure ROI success

In a BYOD policy, In case of device loss or employee leaving the company pose serious threats to corporate data security. We provide comprehensive Mobile Management solution to the businesses to secure, monitor and manage devices of employees. We also provide 14 days free trail so that you could know about our reliable device management solution.