What Are The Cab Operator Challenges That MDM Can Solve?

MDM Solution

Evolving technology is transforming the way cab operators work. The paradigm shift  from accommodating a ride for customers through a phone call to the use of smartphone apps for the same has presented an opportunity to enhance service offerings, reduce business cost and make mobile workforce more efficient.

Today, mobile apps are the chief mode of interaction between passengers and drivers. Cab operators have built their own apps which passengers use to book a ride. These apps offer passengers real time information of drivers such as their current location, cab navigation, the taxi number, and the estimated time it will take drivers to reach them. Along with this, these apps have GPS driven map display imbued within that guide directions to drivers and passengers to facilitate their journey.

However, this smooth-sailing journey is obstructed with challenges as cab operators deploy large number of drivers who use company-owned devices for the said purpose. Challenges like device misuse, data misuse, unnecessary cab movement, unauthorized ride bookings, etc. gravely impact employee productivity and business. Damaged customer service experience comes in as an add-on disadvantage. Thus, these challenges call for the deployment of a robust  Mobile Device Management solution for cab operators to avoid counter impacts of technology usage on business.

How MDM solution can help overcome the challenges of cab operators?

Fundamentally, an MDM solution is a security app used by various companies and organizations who have large workforce with mobile devices deployed in field so as  to monitor and manage devices remotely, track employee productivity, and secure useful data. The chief five ways an MDM solution can help overcome cab operators’ challenges are as follows:

  1. Drivers can only access those applications which are allowed by the company.
  2. MDM helps deploy various policies such as blocking apps, enabling/disabling Bluetooth, WiFi, mobile data, etc. to all the devices remotely.
  3. Drivers cannot change the mobile settings as they don’t have access to change anything in device.
  4. Route and map facilities for customers and drivers to assure convenient journey.
  5. Cab operators can track real-time location of drivers.

Along with this, an MDM solution enables cab operators to avail the following benefits:

  • Remotely push various software updates.
  • Increase device lifetime by monitoring device health.
  • Reduce mobile data costs by restricting unauthorized use.
  • Use remote lock & wipe to secure data when a device is lost or stolen.

Thus, an MDM software helps cab operators make optimum use of technology. It not only facilitates business but also ensures employee productivity and enhancement of customer experience.