| November 19, 2016

What Is The Right Way To Manage Mobile Security Android?

Mobile devices have replaced desktop computers in companies, and transformed the workplace from fixed workstations to flexible, handy devices. Accessing corporate network and data from wireless devices creates a number of Mobile security android and other issues, which can be addressed with a robust Mobile Management System solution. But, before digging deeper, you should know …
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| November 15, 2016

What Are The Ways To Deploy Android Kiosk Lockdown App?

Putting a lock on your mobile phone is an important thing to secure your sensitive data. However, when being put to corporate use, Kiosk App Android or Device Lockdown Solution becomes a necessity, in order to prevent unauthorized access. Though restricting access to your device with a password might not be the strongest security measure …
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| November 13, 2016

How Android Kiosk Software Prevet Unauthorized Data Access?

Employees of business world are scattered in multiple places, in the office, on the field, and some work from home by using Kiosk app android software. While sharing sensitive corporate data with all of the employees, managers need to take serious precautions to safeguard the data. Most of the organizations are using device lockdown solutions …
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| November 8, 2016

How Tablet Kiosk Simplifies Mobile Management?

Tablet Kiosks have been long a part of business services, used by retailers, logistics, and enterprises for different purposes. Though popular for delivering consumer services, kiosks can also be used to serve various functions of an organization, for which Android tablets combined with device lockdown tools are a great solution. Tablet kiosks can be used …
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| November 1, 2016

How Android Kiosk Browser Helps In Data Protection?

The use of smartphone and tablets are increasing rapidly in enterprises for better in-business communication. However, this comes with disadvantages as well. Loss of data, device theft or lost for the lack of asset management are common. However, with the proper implementation of Android kiosk Browser and Kiosk mode Solution or Kiosk Software, you can …
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| October 28, 2016

What Are The Kiosk Mode Benefits For Businesses?

Mobile devices are often termed as unfit for corporate use due to distractions as well as security issues. Multiple consumer features on smartphones can reduce employee productivity and leave a negative impact on business performance. Therefore, kiosk mode provided by mobile device management software has surfaced as an optimum solution to prevent distractions and increase …
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| October 3, 2016

How Android Kiosk Mode Enhancing Business Operations & Revenue?

Kiosks or kiosk solutions for mobile devices are increasingly used in industries like logistic, retail, and others for their benefits of improved operations and customer services. A device lockdown solution allows business owners to restrict a set number of apps to be used on mobile devices for enterprise use with kiosk app android. A kiosk …
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