| February 2, 2021

Choosing The Best MDM Platform: Complete Checklist

Mobile devices empower today’s professionals to work remotely and conveniently with nothing but a smartphone or tablet in place. According to Statista, there were over 3.5 billion smartphone users in 2020. That number will most likely rise to 3.8 billion by the end of 2021. As the use of mobile devices rises, the need to …
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How mPOS Systems Enhance Restaurant Customer Experience?

One thing that can keep restaurant owners ahead of their competitors is the use of technology. Integrating mobile POS system in their operations is a key technological move for restaurants to achieve enhanced service levels. According to National Restaurant Association, 72% of guests believe restaurants that use technology provide increased convenience. Mobile point of sale …
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Why MDM Is The Right Solution For Android mPOS Security?

POS terminals are used to process payments through credit & debit cards. They are used by various vendors and merchants to accept orders. Making a POS system is costly since it takes custom hardware and a variety of equipment to build them. Also, a mix of several devices makes them inflexible. However, business owners are …
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How MDM Is Controlling mPOS Android Threats?

With a rising number of people preferring cashless payments, the brick and mortar stores have started deploying smartphones and tablets to set up POS systems to receive contactless payments and offer visitors an easy and flexible checkout process. It does not only speeds up the procedure but also provides visitors a better shopping experience.   …
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Importance Of Using MDM For Hospitality Industry

Mobile devices are dictating how we live our day-to-day lives. This evolution is not only changing our personal lives but also the way industries work. In hospitality industry, mobile devices have radically modernized the business outlook. Let’s see how tablets modernize the hospitality industry and how an MDM Solution solves its challenges. Digitized Menu Many …
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What Are The Cab Operator Challenges That MDM Can Solve?

Evolving technology is transforming the way cab operators work. The paradigm shift  from accommodating a ride for customers through a phone call to the use of smartphone apps for the same has presented an opportunity to enhance service offerings, reduce business cost and make mobile workforce more efficient. Today, mobile apps are the chief mode …
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How To Secure Mobile Endpoints With Mobility Management?

The work style of employees are changing according to the business environment. In today’s digital world, mobility management is not anymore just a work style; it is a work culture now.  The businesses of the world, who are avoiding this management solutions, are getting a competitive disadvantage.  In today’s world if you are running a …
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| November 18, 2016

Top BYOD Benefits For Businesses

BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) is a somewhat new concept and is trending, especially for startup businesses. It has its own benefits, especially in a startup atmosphere. Many startup businesses are encouraging and promoting BYOD these days whereas it is already an accepted norm in reputed companies all over the world with Mobile application Management …
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| November 12, 2016

Balance Employee Privacy and Data Security with MDM Android

With the rising trend of use of mobile devices in the workplace, organizations are changing their approach to mobility. Companies are moving to BYOD, a cost saving approach, allowing employees to use their own smartphones or tablets at work with MDM Android. Along with cost benefits, this approach brings many new advantages as well as …
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| November 11, 2016

Manage Android Devices – MDM or MAM for Enterprises?

Android device management is not a new concept now, as it is used by many organizations today, and so is android application management. However, these two entities may be confusing at times, as MDM and MAM have different aspects in some cases. Let’s discuss the difference to get a clear picture of what you need, …
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| November 9, 2016

BYOD & Mobile Device Management Tools- Helping Startups Grow

BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) is an IT strategy that allows employees to use their own devices to access enterprise resources and perform business operations. With the implementation of remote working across the world due to Covid-19 pandemic, the need for BYOD has increased. Adopting a BYOD policy provides a couple of benefits to organizations …
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| November 3, 2016

Is Employee Privacy at Stake with MDM Solution?

In the corporate world, BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) has rapidly emerged as a trending term among companies of all sizes. Employees, not eligible to use a device provided by their employer, wish to avail the convenience of use of their personal smart devices at work. Though BYOD comes with its own security risks,MDM Solution …
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