What Is Unified Endpoint Management?

With the ever increasing number of endpoints such as smartphones, rugged devices, mPOS devices, laptops, tablets and more, security has become even more hard to achieve for enterprises. Managing the assets has become a challenging task. Therefore, the best way to ensure that all the corporate assets are managed and secured properly in a workplace …
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| November 11, 2020

How EMM Solution Helps Businesses Improve Overall Performance 

The increasing popularity of smartphones and their extensive adoption in corporate world is a proven fact. As enterprises are facing the growing need to offer employees flexible remote work options, it has become crucial for them to leverage security software to manage, monitor and secure data that is being accessed through these devices remotely. This …
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| September 21, 2020

How MDM Helps In Location Tracking Of Connected Devices?

Be it a small firm or a large enterprise, mobile devices have become an integral part of every organization. From retail businesses to logistics companies, each and every organization has embraced mobility technology to keep up with customer’s demands. However, these smart devices come with their own set of challenges –  How to ensure that …
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| September 21, 2020

Remote Support For Enteprises: Why MDM Is The Right Solution?

Field agents need their mobile devices throughout the day to easily connect with their team and customers. However, a single technical glitch can put their tasks at hold and prevent them from doing their work efficiently. Therefore, a mobile device management solution is essential to manage remote devices and streamline business operations.  MDM software empowers …
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| August 3, 2018

Why Enterprise Mobility Solution Is Important For Logistics Industry Growth?

When it comes to logistics, privacy and security of consumer information is very important. That’s where having an enterprise mobility solution for logistics comes into play. Come to think of it, a typical delivery boy today has all the details of a customer. Right from their name and phone number, to where they live and …
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| May 3, 2017

Latest Trends Impacting Enterprise Mobility Strategy

Mobility is continuously becoming a top priority for enterprises as operational productivity and efficiency has a lot to gain from it. However, this creates a simultaneous challenge for the enterprises. The soaring expansion of mobile devices, wearables, and IoT is making their management difficult. Tackling this challenge upfront makes it necessary to adopt the latest …
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| January 12, 2017

Why Is BYOD Adoption Super Important In Today’s Era?

According to the study of Gartner, Almost 40% of big companies employees of United State used personal devices at work. Mobile workforce of big enterprises provided by many benefits to keep their mobile data or devices secure. According to the world stats and figure, In 2010, 43% blackberry share had invested in U.S. market. That …
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| January 3, 2017

Why Enterprises Need Mobile Enterprise Application Platform?

In the global market, Mobile Enterprise Application platform or MEAP is an effective solution to mobilize a business. Due to advanced mobility systems and solutions, the work patterns have changed. Smart devices have significantly developed, leading to a rise in mobility with their penetration across the corporate world. The changing BYOD behavior hints at the increasing use …
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| December 22, 2016

How Mobility Systems Secure Mobile Data Threat?

Recent tendencies in Enterprise Mobility have made mobile data security a mandate for businesses. A survey reported in 2010 saying, for the first time that smartphone sales overtook PC sales. Since then penetration of these smart devices and recognizing the productivity and cost benefits, businesses are increasingly implementing bring-your-own device (BYOD) policies these days. Research firm …
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| December 20, 2016

Enterprise Mobile Apps

Enterprise mobile apps are applications used in business world to accomplish specific tasks in an enterprise.Generally, users are spending more time on mobiles than ever before. These Enterprise apps help employees and workforce become more productive & with the help of these apps they save time & meet deadlines. In addition, this application is created …
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| December 19, 2016

What Are The Effects Of Business Mobility On Enterprises?

With the Mobility Enterprise Solutions or BYOD revolution gaining stride, more employees have started bringing in, and using, their personal devices at workplace. Thus with the business mobility, more the number of mobile devices connected to the corporate network, more are the points of infiltration of network security. In order to check this security issue, enterprises have started …
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| December 8, 2016

How Android for Work helps in Enterprise Mobile application?

The Android ecosystem has grown to 1.4 billion devices worldwide and more than 1 million Play Store apps, with many of those labels focused on customer usage. On the same note, mobile productivity has grown in importance and businesses are investing more on Enterprise apps or Enterprise Mobile Application for their work Android devices. Gartner says businesses spent …
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