What Is Unified Endpoint Management?

With the ever increasing number of endpoints such as smartphones, rugged devices, mPOS devices, laptops, tablets and more, security has become even more hard to achieve for enterprises. Managing the assets has become a challenging task. Therefore, the best way to ensure that all the corporate assets are managed and secured properly in a workplace …
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| January 11, 2021

9 Reasons Why Cloud Based MDM Is The Right Solution For Your Business

In just a few years, the way mobile devices are used in a workplace has changed dramatically. The risks involved with the use of smartphones and implementing BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) policy at corporates has given rise to mobile device management solution. The software allows organizations to manage, monitor and secure all the enrolled …
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| December 29, 2020

MDM vs EMM: How To Differentitate?

Managing and securing corporate devices across organizational operations is more integral for business success than ever before. As the volume of confidential information transferred across endpoints for high level business operations is growing, the need to proactively manage corporate devices is also increasing. Therefore, leveraging a mobility management solution is crucial to monitor and secure …
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| December 1, 2020

Use Of Mobile Device Management For Telecom Operators

Historically, telecommunication companies have struggled to work on subscriber devices remotely. Moreover, waiting for too long to get queries resolved, leaves a negative impact on customer experience. However, MDM for telecom empowers operators to effectively and efficiently manage each stage of the customer lifecycle starting from provisioning the device with certified configuration settings and service …
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| November 25, 2020

Role Of Wearable Devices Within The Workspace

Tech companies have revolutionized wearable devices, thus creating a space in the industry for tools that protect and inform users in their day-to-day lives. The adoption of wearables in corporate world is increasing at a significant pace. Wearables have the potential to unlock a new world of technology for both employers as well as employees …
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| October 1, 2020

How MDM Helps In Faster Device Onboarding?

Setting up devices manually can be a tedious task, especially when you have a long list of support-tickets to solve. Enrolling each device manually can be time-consuming and prevents IT team from performing other tasks. However, mobile device management simplifies the device on-boarding process of new users and helps users kickoff their tasks from the …
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| September 21, 2020

Mobile Device Security Management: Why MDM Is The Right Solution?

Managing a growing ecosystem of mobile devices connected to business network is one of the major challenges faced by enterprises. With an increasing number of business applications, documents, and data being accessed through these devices, security has become a primary concern. One loophole and all the business information can be exposed in minutes.  As per …
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| September 26, 2017

Reasons Why mPOS Devices Need Better Security

Mobile POS systems have changed the culture of cash payments. Waiting in queues with cash in hand is not only time-consuming but outmoded. Consumers and business owners alike have swiftly adopted the shift from cash to card. There are a range of businesses using mobile POS systems to their advantage. The flexibility of a POS …
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| July 6, 2017

Demystify mPOS Security with MDM

Many retailers have adopted mobile point of sale systems (mPOS) to improve their customer experience. As per a market research by Technavio, the global mPOS market is predicted to grow at a CAGR of 50% between 2016-2020. mPOS devices carry out innumerable transactions. However, these transactions remain at the risk of being compromised. It is …
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How mPOS Systems Enhance Restaurant Customer Experience?

One thing that can keep restaurant owners ahead of their competitors is the use of technology. Integrating mobile POS system in their operations is a key technological move for restaurants to achieve enhanced service levels. According to National Restaurant Association, 72% of guests believe restaurants that use technology provide increased convenience. Mobile point of sale …
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Why MDM Is The Right Solution For Android mPOS Security?

POS terminals are used to process payments through credit & debit cards. They are used by various vendors and merchants to accept orders. Making a POS system is costly since it takes custom hardware and a variety of equipment to build them. Also, a mix of several devices makes them inflexible. However, business owners are …
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Importance Of Using MDM For Hospitality Industry

Mobile devices are dictating how we live our day-to-day lives. This evolution is not only changing our personal lives but also the way industries work. In hospitality industry, mobile devices have radically modernized the business outlook. Let’s see how tablets modernize the hospitality industry and how an MDM Solution solves its challenges. Digitized Menu Many …
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