9 Reasons Why Cloud Based MDM Is The Right Solution For Your Business

January 11, 2021

cloud based MDM

In just a few years, the way mobile devices are used in a workplace has changed dramatically. The risks involved with the use of smartphones and implementing BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) policy at corporates has given rise to mobile device management solution. The software allows organizations to manage, monitor and secure all the enrolled devices used in the workplace. However, with time, the field of mobile device management has continued to evolve. Using on premise solution has become a traditional approach. Today, organizations prefer to use cloud based MDM as it offers more secure and flexible services.

Choosing between the two can be difficult, however, if you want a scalable, secure, cost saving solution and need to carry out implementations across geographies, then, the cloud based MDM is the perfect option to choose for.

Here’s how cloud based MDM can be more beneficial for your organization

Quick Deployment

Cloud based solution can be quickly deployed as there is no need for on site installation of software and hardware. In just a matter of hours enterprises can configure their corporate app store, define security policies and enroll corporate as well as employee owned devices with MDM server. It requires less involvement of IT professionals, thus, reducing operational costs for the organization.

A cloud based solution is completely hosted by the vendor and does not require any server side implementation. On the other hand, on premise deployments need a longer time frame for implementation, updation and customization. The implementation takes longer as IT professionals have to set up ports, complete manual configuration of mail server settings, etc.

Remote Access

In case of cloud based software, admin does not need to sign in from particular devices from specific networks in order to manage devices. The admin can do it from anywhere which makes it easier for them to securely control enrolled devices. This enhances efficiency and empowers them to make informed decisions to protect confidential data in case of a security breach.

Also, access to new features and functionalities are available to enterprises immediately on cloud as compared to on premise which needs to be upgraded.

Secure Backup

Deploying cloud solutions, businesses no need to worry about their data getting destroyed due to inevitable situations such as technical glitches, natural disasters or accidents. Cloud based software can securely back up enterprise data to a remote location. Companies can back up their data regularly to prevent data loss. The solution provides complete back up and flexible recovery.

Cost Saving

A cloud based MDM software generally requires a monthly or an annual subscription plan which is based on the usage of cloud services. Moreover, it has relatively lower set up and maintenance costs. Organizations do not need to update any server or software as it will be a responsibility of the vendor.

On premise solutions require large capital investments as enterprises have to deal with on site installation of hardware and software. Businesses need to deal with costs involved for set up, installation, updation, maintenance, repair, etc.

Increased Flexibility

In case of cloud based solution, enterprises will only need to invest as per their usage. This means that organizations can choose anytime to increase or decrease their resources. They only need to pay for services they are currently using without worrying about extending the underlying systems. Furthermore, cloud services can be easily implemented and help to save time and reduce costs.

However, in case of an on premise solution, businesses need to make sure that the hardware that they are investing in can be used for a long term. This requires huge costs.


With cloud based MDM solution, there is no need for enterprises to upgrade their software or server. The software will be automatically updated when the vendor updates it from their end without any intervention from the user. The cloud based MDM provides better integrations. The solution provider is solely responsible for security patches and software updates.

Updating an on premise solution can be time consuming. Moreover, the enterprise needs to bear all the costs involved in set up, maintenance, updation, repair, etc.

Real Time Support

When it comes to a cloud based mobile device management solution, a support team is always available to provide frontline workers real time support in case of any issues such as technical glitches, maintenance, updates and more. This helps to minimize device downtime and increases productivity of field force agents.

In case of on premise services, organizations must have internal resources to troubleshoot, update, back up or repair devices to increase device performance and enhance efficiency.


A cloud based solution just requires an active internet connection to work. Thus, it empowers employees to work from remote locations and enhances workforce productivity. On the other hand, on premise services do not rely on internet connection and are only helpful for enterprises where a large number of employees access the same set of data.

Data Security

The security of data is a primary concern of every organization. More so, because it contains important information such as customer data, employee information, inventory, bank account information and more.

In case of cloud based solutions, the responsibility of securing confidential enterprise data lies in the hands of vendor. The data is securely stored in an encrypted form within the cloud servers. Also, the vendor follows strict security protocols to protect confidential business data.

On the other side, for on premise solution, the responsibility of security data is completely on the organization. This is a significant aspect for those companies who do not want to take their confidential data out of their organization. However, controlling and securing all endpoints internally can be a daunting task.

Summing it up

Deciding what to choose from between cloud based or on premise solution is an important decision for enterprises. More so, because it will impact how your business operates. And, from the details given above, it is clear that cloud based mobile device management solution is the perfect option available for organizations. The level of security, flexibility, scalability and cost savings provided by cloud based services prove to be more beneficial for companies. It empowers businesses to focus on their core operations and increase workforce productivity as well as overall performance of the organization.