What Are The Components of Mobility Enterprise Solutions?

December 2, 2016

Mobility enterprise solutions

From an increase in employee efficiency and engagement to rise in revenue earned by a business, enterprise mobility brings with it a number of benefits for businesses. We have seen the rising trends of mobility enterprise solutions and Device Management Solutions in different industries. Today, these solutions have improved business productivity, but still,  some progress needs to be made. In order to efficiently manage mobility, business owners, admins, or managers need to understand the vital components of an EMM solution, and find the right one.

Core EMM Components :-

MDM :- With the increased use of BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) devices in the office, mobile device management serves as a comprehensive solution to control & manage android devices. Although, many Android devices are equipped with some basic features, a mobile enterprise application platform with MDM capabilities gives end-users a secure and productive experience, with the following features:-

  1. Remotely wipe and lock data
  2. Real-time device monitoring
  3. Remotely manage mobile apps
  4. Enforce corporate policies to the devices

Managing Mobile Apps :- With the high use of mobile apps today, companies have started deploying solutions with application management & control features to:-

  1. Check the apps installed on user devices
  2. Restrict those apps which may affect employee productivity
  3. Remotely deploy business apps securely
  4. Secure communication between the corporate database and mobile applications.

Secure Container :- It allows businesses to keep corporate data safe & separate from personal data on employee’s own device. Secure container capabilities with EMM solution allow companies to:

  1. Reduce risk of important data leakage
  2. Secure access to corporate content
  3. Address employee privacy concerns

Configuration and Policy Management :- EMM policy and configuration management tools help manage the use of corporate data & devices by remote workforce. IT administrator uses these features to maintain visibility of the corporate mobile assets, and:

  1. Push security controls to Android mobile & tablet devices
  2. Get notified of any prohibited activity occurring on mobile devices
  3. Take actions on inappropriate app or device behavior
  4. Fetch reports & analytics for measuring mobility ROI


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