A Comprehensive Guide to MDM Softwares

November 10, 2016

MDM Software

Regardless of the industry, almost every business gathers, transmits, and offers access to confidential data over different mobile devices, almost daily. The advancement of mobile technology and development of new vulnerabilities & techniques has raised the need of an effective MDM Software for security.

As per the present scenario, all businesses rely on information systems to manage data of the company, customer as well as employees. It’s very critical to update Mobile data management strategies regularly, so as to avoid any unauthorized access to the sensitive corporate resources.

Mobility tools are becoming increasingly popular among organizations that want to keep their data secure and under control. This is because MDM services have made it much easier to restrict the visibility of the enterprise data.

Mobile Device Management – Exactly what is it?

Mobility brings various productivity advantages for staff and organizations, it also makes it harder for organizations to manage their IT assets. Here,  an mobile device management software comes as a solution to empower managers to control their employees’ devices that access corporate applications, information, and data.

Accordingly, numerous organizations have introduced Mobile Device Management Android solution on corporate mobile devices to maintain complete control, without upsetting the mobility.

Some Common Features of Device Management Solutions

  • Creating a record of which devices can access important information and applications, and at what times, creating a clear accountability record
  • Preventing sensitive data from being exchanged out of the organization
  • Scanning external applications for viruses, malware, and other possible security flaws.
  • Creating diverse approval levels, to allow only authorized individuals access specific applications and data
  • A unified dashboard for IT managers to monitor the use of all the employee devices as well as deliver updates
  • Remote lock & wipe, which helps prevent data misuse in case of device stolen or lost
  • Enforcing the use of device security features, including password protection, log out during inactivity, along with jailbreak detection, and others
  • Allow sending real-time alerts, warnings, and notifications to corporate mobile devices, having business data and apps on them

Why is Mobile Device Management Important?

How can organizations manage and secure their corporate data & apps, when they don’t possess the devices that have access to data stored on them?

Here, Mobile MDM solutions are vital for organizations that want to adopt both mobility technology and BYOD strategies. Moreover, MDM application has turned out to be more critical as we are heading towards the world of a connected, mobile technology.

Mobility has emerged as a synonym to profitability for businesses, and the desire of employees to work flexibly using mobile devices is on the rise. This would be accompanied by new innovative solutions, particularly expected to deal with the difficulties created by the evolving needs of a mobile workforce. While employees were once keen to keep their work and personal lives separate, they are now moving towards making personal devices a part of the work environment.

An ability to use their own smartphones at work allows employees use the technology they are already familiar with. Further, this saves IT department from the cost of buying new devices, but this saving comes with some new challenges.

Choosing the Right MDM Solution

It is important for businesses to realize that not all solutions are identical. Some will pack a set of specific features, which others might not offer. Thus, business managers need to carefully check the suitability of an Mobile Device Management MDM offering before investing.

There are many critical factors that a business should consider when looking for the best enterprise mobility solution. A list of basic features that every enterprise should look for include:

  • Operating system compatibility
  • Customer support
  • Security features
  • Reports & analytics
  • Integration with existing infrastructure

Thus, MDM Software is much more than how to ensure seamless and secure access to sensitive corporate data. This covers the enforcement of policies and process to protect, ensure, and maintain corporate resources allocated to the mobile workforce.