Considerable Features to Find the Right Mobile Device Management Solution

August 27, 2016

Mobile device management

MDM or Mobile Device Management is a solution for secure & integrated deployment, monitoring, and management of mobile devices, like smartphones and tablets, at workplace. Thus, the main aim of using an MDM solution is to enhance the security of corporate data as well as the functionality of mobile workforce in enterprises.

Mobile Device Management tools are rapidly developing to keep up with the pace of new devices emerging in the market, updated mobile OS and increasingly complex business requirements. With a plethora of MDM tools available with a variety of desirable features, finding the best match to your Enterprise mobility needs can be daunting. However, a few factors to help you choose the right tool are discussed below:

Android versions supported:

The first thing you need to check that your MDM provider offers you support for the latest and in-use Android versions. If you end up taking a tool that supports only the updated versions then it can incur huge loss in terms of waste of investment.

MDM Basic Features:

Create a list of Mobile device management tools that offer support to the desired set of Android versions, and then compare them in terms of basic features offered. This will help you to make a better choice for the type of solution you need for to embrace mobility at your organization. Here are few of the basic features mentioned for your reference:

  • Policy Management (Security policies, Group based policies)
  • Mobile Browsing management (Custom browser, Website whitelisting)
  • App Management (Remote app installation, App remove/disable)
  • Device Monitoring (Monitor devices, Enable/disable Wifi, Bluetooth, & other features)
  • Asset Management (Asset reporting & Location update)
  • Location Reporting (Location Tracking, Geo Fencing)
  • Device Lock and Wipe (Remote device lock, Remote data wipe)
  • Remote Configuration (Remotely access device settings, Customize user rights)

MDM core features:

By now, you might have shortlisted the list of MDM tools based on the basic features required for your business. Proceed with the comparison of core features of the options available, though most of them tend to appear similar at the first glance. A list of commonly available core features provided by MDM solution providers include:

  • Support for tablets, smartphones, & rugged devices
  • Create and enforce tailor-made security policies
  • Single console for complete device management
  • Real time location tracking & device monitoring

Carefully consider how policies are defined and imposed, know the level of control and automation the tool delivers, and check for your business needs before buying a Mobile device management solution. For example, if one of your employees installs an app of non-enterprise use on mobile device used for work, the MDM tool should allow you to take certain actions like remotely disable/remove the app, restrict further installation of non-productive apps, or take any other action.

Choosing the right set of features and implementing the solution properly will help you to secure your data and improve productivity of your mobile employees in an efficient way.