Increase Employee Productivity In Telco With Device Management

October 22, 2020

employee productivity

Productive employees are what makes a company successful. They are the heart of every little or big achievement of an organization. However, if you do not leverage the optimal solution to increase productivity of your employees, your business is likely to suffer. This is where device management solution steps in. 

Device management solution has enabled an increasing number of tasks in ways that previously could only be performed by a person. Not only does it help to increase customer satisfaction but has also assisted employees as a productivity tool to scale business growth. 

Tools offered by device management to assist telcos in increasing employee productivity

Self-healing Apps

As per a report by Microsoft, globally, 96% of consumers say customer service is an important factor in their choice of loyalty to a brand.

Mobile self-care apps help operators deliver a full gamut of support services to customers to assist them in solving simple queries on their own. For instance – with the help of a mobile self-care app, customers can change their data plan, check data limit, prepaid balance and more. 

With a self-healing app readily available 24*7 on subscriber devices, customers can get their queries resolved in no time. This helps to reduce call centre calls and saves crucial time for agents to address critical issues. Therefore, a self-care app enables telcos to build strong business-customer relationships, thereby increasing customer loyalty and scaling business growth. 

Device Self-care

The brain processes visual information faster than texts, therefore, visuals play a significant role in impacting humans’ decisions. But how does that work in telecoms?

Device management solution helps support agents create intuitive content in the form of visual how-to-guides and publish them across self-service channels such as apps and websites for installation, maintenance or troubleshooting related queries. It helps to visually guide customers using interactive and self-service visual components as well as enables faster and efficient resolutions to customer queries. Consequently, visual how-to-guides assist operators reduce average handle time of support tickets and increase employee productivity. 

Another device self-care tool that helps answer customer queries and increases agent efficiency is decision tree. These interactive guided workflows can be integrated within the website or an AI powered chatbot to aid customers in solving device issues related to troubleshooting, installation, etc. The decision trees do not only empower customers to find appropriate solutions but also helps to streamline technical processes and increase employee productivity. 

Virtual Assistant

Service providers are increasingly investing and mobilizing their resources to automate their repetitive tasks with Artificial Intelligence (AI). Virtual assistants or chatbots fuelled by AI and natural language processing (NLP) can be deployed across numerous digital channels such as apps and websites and provide 24*7 service support to customers. 

Numerous customers visit a website or an app at the same time, therefore, it is helpful to have a virtual assistant that can answer queries of hundreds of customers at once instead of having customer service representatives juggle questions and requests from visitors. Thus, these virtual assistants can free up significant time for employees who can then focus on more complex issues and be more productive. 

How device management helps telcos to increase employee productivity

Prevent Distractions

MDM solution helps operators lock down managed devices to one or multiple business-specific applications and disables all the entertainment apps such as social media apps, gallery, camera, video, music, games, etc. This empowers employees to focus on their work and increases productivity. 

The admin can also monitor call logs and SMS on all managed devices which also gives flexibility to businesses to manage expenses. Block USB, messages, copy/paste feature, bluetooth, screen capture functionality, file sharing access and more to prevent employees from sharing business resources with others. 

Keep Devices Up-to-date

With the help of mobile device management solution, operators can install applications and push app updates remotely on managed devices. The admin can copy files in multiple folders and then upload them in one or more devices remotely to increase employee productivity and enhance business viability. Unauthorized or malicious applications can be uninstalled remotely from devices to keep them secure. Disable unknown sources option to restrict third party application installation on devices. 

Remote Helpdesk

MDM solution helps the administrator to view device screen remotely, take screenshots and provide remote assistance to employees to troubleshoot device issues. This helps to streamline operational processes and increase workforce output. 

Operators can gain granular control of entire device inventory as well as conduct compliance audits to detect violations and make informed decisions to secure business resources. 

BYOD Policy

Today’s workforce is tech-savvy and being familiar with their own devices, they can use them more efficiently and effectively than company-owned devices, which helps them to improve their productivity. Using personal devices saves employees’ time as they do not have to reorient themselves every time they switch from their personal device to a company device.


Productive employees can help telecom companies provide a high quality experience to customers as well as scale business growth. Therefore, it is highly advantageous for service providers to deploy device management solution to improve employee productivity and increase customer retention rate. The solution also enables AI powered visual assistants, decision trees and visual how-to-guides which help in handling routine tasks with their service intelligence so that employees can focus on complex issues and operational optimization.