Device Management Solutions Market In India

October 24, 2016

Device management solutions

The enterprise mobility market in India has grown significantly with the influx of mobile devices. With this, organizations are looking for affordable Device Management Solutions that enhance the effectiveness of their operations with real-time data access. Enterprise mobility tools help businesses improve efficiency and productivity of employees, creating a huge demand for professional solution providers.

As per an IDC research cited by Economic Times, enterprise mobility market in India is expected to rise to US $1871 million by 2017. It also observed that enterprise mobility has been rated as a high priority investment by 37% of the organizations. The key driving verticals for the market are observed to be communications, transport, media, utility, and BFSI.

The Rise of Mobile Device Use & BYOD

With the emergence of portable devices like smartphones, tablets, and laptops in the corporate world, organizations started observing their productivity-related benefits. However, the concerns of data security and legal provisions with the implementation of policies led to the introduction of BYOD concept.

Though this trend was accompanied by the introduction of policies for use of personal devices in the workplace, security reasons restricted the BYOD adoption. Companies having adopted the BYOD trend started facing device management, data breach, device tracking, and other issues. This called for the need of solution for complete device management & control, and data security, contributing to the development of device management solutions.

The MDM Solution

Mobile device management offers a control over data breaches, helping IT teams manage both personal and corporate devices. This tool allows protection of sensitive corporate data (in case of theft or loss) by storing apps in secure containers on mobile devices. This offers a competitive edge over the solutions that use servers to store data for security purposes.

With the growth of employees’ personal devices at work and the rising popularity of cloud based solutions, need to secure corporate data & devices drive the market. However, these drivers are followed by some constraints like complications for IT admins to manage diverse platforms and a high number of mobile devices.

Evolution & Adoption of MDM

With increasing challenges & complications for IT teams, MDM tools have evolved with new features, like remote lock/wipe, Geo-fencing, and others. Employers can now keep corporate data separate from personal on employee devices, prevent unauthorized app use, allow anytime, anywhere access to resources, and more.

The addition of new features and regular advancements have made device management solutions popular among enterprises. This increased adoption by some large companies has made device management a grade for various industries, and the trend is now moving to small & medium businesses. Further, the emergence of cloud-based implementation has made MDM affordable for SMBs, which was earlier considered as an expensive investment.

Key Market Drivers

  • Smartphone Penetration: Increasing penetration of smartphones and mobile internet encourage the growth of enterprise mobility. Businesses are realizing the significance of the use of mobile devices at work and the need to manage the same to improve productivity and security.
  • Need of Real-time Data: Mobility enables employers deliver the required information to the right employee at the desired time. However, this involves the risks of data being unauthorized access and/or misuse, which drives the need of device management tools.
  • Business Process Automation: Use of mobile devices has enabled automated business processes, resulting in optimized costs, faster turnarounds, and more benefits. An efficient automation needs, managed and controlled use of mobile devices, further driving the MDM market in India.

In short, the MDM solution market is on the rise due to increased use of smartphones and internet across enterprises. Though many solutions and tools are available today for organizations to meet their mobility needs, buying from a reliable vendor helps reap the benefits of enterprise mobility management.

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