What Are The Effects Of Business Mobility On Enterprises?

December 19, 2016

Business Mobility

With the Mobility Enterprise Solutions or BYOD revolution gaining stride, more employees have started bringing in, and using, their personal devices at workplace. Thus with the business mobility, more the number of mobile devices connected to the corporate network, more are the points of infiltration of network security. In order to check this security issue, enterprises have started deploying business mobility systems, controlling every device that their employees use. However, the choice of enterprises to control devices used at workplace, brings some ripple effects to the businesses, as discussed below:

Accountability of all devices: This might not be an issue for small-scale firms, but when large businesses are concerned, it becomes difficult for managers, to gain a complete knowledge of all the components of their mobile device management MDM program, which includes every option related to mobile strategy, support, management, planning, provisioning, and other practices.

Management Needs: After understanding, follows the daily device management needs, which includes monitoring of service plans, matching contracted rates with monthly invoices, and matching of devices to user needs, upgrading, fixing, and formatting data from unused devices, among others.

Additional Workload on IT Managers: An MDM policy can create an additional workload for IT department, with new challenges before IT managers, to manage multiple devices, apps, and service providers, as well as delivering help desk support to users. Managing all these tasks is daunting, since telecom expense management is a specialized tasks, and consumes a lot of time.

Choices Available with Enterprises

To effectively manage BYOD, or corporate-owned mobile devices, Mobility Management businesses are left with 3 choices, as below:

  1. Hire more employees:This will increase the number of headcounts in the enterprise, and bring all the challenges of a higher headcount at work.
  2. Create Device Managers from Current Workforce:This will, probably, result in lower production, with employees with inadequate skill level, or experience, employed as managers.
  3. Outsource:Considering demerits of the above 2 choices, outsourcing Business Mobility needs to a reliable partner is the only option left, which can promise better management, along with improved productivity.


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