5 EMM Solutions Benefits For Businesses

October 31, 2016

EMM Solutions

Today, smart devices can run multiple apps, making the devices capable of being used for various purposes, even in the corporate world. This is why businesses allow employees to use mobile devices, specifically those with field jobs. However, in order to ensure that they work productively and the corporate date shared with them is secure, organizations use EMM solutions.

With employees allowed to use their personal devices at work under BYOD policies, enterprises have access to various mobility management tools to connect with them remotely.

What Enterprise Mobility is?

The term “enterprise mobility” refers to when managers or business owners allow their employees (particularly on-field workers) to use mobile devices for official work. Enterprise Mobile Solutions includes access to corporate resources, like network, mobile data services, emails, and other data related to their job tasks. This helps businesses enhance customer satisfaction, business productivity as well as create more effective marketing channels.

Managing Mobility

As discussed above, various solutions are available for companies to help them manage their employees’ devices. Enterprise device management is an all-in-one solution to enable a secure and productive use of smartphones and tablets by employees. An EMM tool helps secure the corporate data stored on mobile devices with features like containerization, remote device lock, data wipe, and others. In addition to this, features like application management, device management, website whitelisting/blacklisting, and more allow enterprises prevent non-productive use.

A survey reported by Mobile Marketing Watch stated that over 90% of ITDMs (IT Decision Makers) see enterprise mobility as a vital function for operational productivity, customer engagement, and competitiveness.

How Enterprise Mobility Management Solution helps?

Mobility finds numerous applications in the business world, for on-field as well as in-office workers, a few productive uses of which are discussed below. Device management solutions allow organizations manage all such applications, and ensure that employees use allocated resources effectively and securely.

  • Instant Messaging: Instant messaging is one of the most popular applications of smartphones today, which can be used in the enterprise world to connect with any employee, anytime, anywhere. As per Instant Messaging Statistics Report 2015-2019, the number of global IM accounts totaled over 3.2 billion in 2015, and expected to grow to 3.8 billion by 2019, at a CAGR of 4%. Also, businesses are adopting IM apps much faster than consumers.With an IM app for your business, your employees are always available, even when they are not on their desk. This results in better business productivity allowing managers to share the latest updates instantly with their employees, without wasting time for the entire staff to gather and address a meeting.
  • Book a Meeting Room: With the fast growing enterprise world, many meet-up plans are made within minutes, where booking a meeting room becomes a challenge. Having a room booking app on employee device can help them find and book a desired room, as per the number of members expected, size of the room, and time slot. The tool can also be used to notify participants about the time and venue of the meeting.
  • Employee Reporting & Utilization: Business managers want to keep a track of the activities their employees are doing and how they utilize their work hours, to optimize productivity.EMM Solution helps keep a track of user devices and restricts them to corporate use only, ensuring better utilization of mobile resources allocated to the employees. This helps employees with the availability of the required information in hands, and managers can get higher compliance rates and productive hours from their junior workers.
  • Automated Sales Force: On-field employees can be pushed required files and details about their job, like dealer location, navigation tools, and more. This tends to solve most of the basic problems faced by sales force, and helps them perform their tasks efficiently and productively.
  • Better Sales with CRM on-the-go: Easily accessible CRM on mobile devices can help employees obtain leads, follow-up, target the right group of consumers, and ensure higher sales. Thus, mobility makes it easy for the salesperson to do his job and close sales quickly, raising his productivity.

Thus, businesses have a number of benefits of implementing Enterprise mobility management solutions for their mobile workforce. From an expanded outreach to more sales and revenue, enterprise mobility solutions help employees work more productively while maintaining the required security level of corporate data on their mobile devices.

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