How EMM Is Transforming BFSI Industry?

November 23, 2016


Global Economy of the world depend upon the Finance and banking sector which is the two main pillars of World’s economy. Big Enterprises, Companies and small medium sized businesses stability rely upon these two sectors. Before Enterprise Mobility Era, there were traditional methods formed where customer visited the offices for their personal work and dependency were very much upon the hand held work. But Now in the modern technology world, EMM Era has come which has totally transformed the banking and financial sector. Launched of the Android Mobile & tablets devices with this EMM solution giving benefit to the both organization and employees as well.

The Changing Landscape:-

Mobile bank has started delivering services like balance inquiries & other services via sms. With the adoption of Mobility technical infrastructure of businesses and banks has been redesigned with new models. Mobile Payment, Location based services etc. have directly led to better banking experience to the customers. In today’s world banks are not only using these apps services to connect customers but also use as a tool to in touch with all the employees as well. We also see; with the Mobile enterprise solutions many complex operations like loan approvals, data base management and asset management services are easily managed.

EMM Solution transformations

With the help of EMM; we see the various transformation is resulted out in Mobile banking and finance sectors which directly indicates the bright and growing future of these. Lets discuss some major changes in this regard as below : –

  • Bank Employees working process have been enhanced with android Mobile and tablets devices replacing personal computers in work.
  • Banking and Financial sectors have their own advanced websites & using business apps related to their work which is helping customers and other various queries related to them with right mobile devices management solution.
  • Banking sector is now coming up with great set up of Mobile app development companies in which enables customers to monitor and manager their accounts globally.
  • Mobile Devices in these sectors give option to do paperless work, cutting cost of printing and mailing documents to customers and also cut lengthy response time.
  • Enterprise Mobility Applications facilitates information access to the employees anytime & anywhere & boost productivity, improve efficiency and response time.
  • Seamless workflow, communication and collaboration with clients, colleagues and different branch locations.

Simple, Secure and Manage banking & Corporate Data with Mobility Solution : –

With this mobility solution you can enforce certain policies to the android mobile devices and tablets which you are using for your work so that you could monitor who is accessing what. If tablets and mobile device lost or stolen by the employee then with the remote access you can wipe crucial data related to customer account, PINs and other important related to bank which also eliminate the risk of fraud and other security breaches.

So now we get to know that mobility systems and solutions is very helpful in Banking and financial sector. We provide End-to-End secured EMM solution to the Banking and financial Sector to enhance user experience, reduce cost and improve efficiency. If your are looking for how this mobility solution will help then get 30 days free trial.