How Enterprise Device Management For Retailers Can Boost Business?

August 22, 2016

Enterprise device management

Customer experience is of paramount importance in the retail industry, where a huge budget is dedicated to improve the shopping experience. More retailers have started deploying digital devices, like Smartphones and tablets, combined with Enterprise Device Management solutions to increase customer engagement and boost sales by making shopping a pleasure for them.

The use of mobile devices also helps retailers compete effectively with online retailers, by attracting consumers to easy shopping. Digital screens are used to display relevant and rich content to customers entering the store, through self help kiosks and product information displays. This has also made it easier for retailers to follow up their customers and gather feedback. Various Applications of Smart Mobile Devices & EMM at Retail Stores are :-

  • Digital Inventory Display: The variety of merchandise a retailer can showcase is limited by the amount of space at the physical store, which a tablet is readily used to overcome. Retailers use tablets to display the entire range of products available to them, without the need of additional physical space.
    Thus, customers can easily view all the items available along with their detailed specifications, similar to the way they are available to online retailers.
  • Self Service Kiosks: A tablet can be turned into a kiosk by using the device lockdown feature of an enterprise device management Retailers have started deploying tablets on floor stands, locked down to display the entire inventory and allow customers to perform various actions. Thus, tablets are turned into self service kiosks, which help customers explore the store and choose/buy their desired products without the need of any in-person assistance.
  • Tablets used as Mobile PoS (Point of Sale) Devices: Use of tablets as mobile POS streamlines operations for retailers, making purchase journey and decision-making smooth for the customers. Tablets allow a dynamic in-store payment process, providing access to additional functions like data collection and easy software upgrade capabilities that have never been available with traditional POS devices.
  • Quick Service in the store: Retailers are able to optimize the overall process flow, ranging from inventory control to the co-ordination of the staff, with the use of mobile devices. This has eliminated miscommunication and delays between the staff and operations, leading to an improved overall customer experience as well as engagement.

Challenges of Implementing Mobility at Retail Stores

  • Smartphones and tablets deployed can be used by visitors, and front office & back office staff, making it difficult for retailers to ensure safety of classified data and business information.
  • Without the lack of a proper control, employees can use deployed mobile devices and data services for unauthorized purposes, raising the service costs
  • With multiple devices deployed in single/multiple retail stores, maintaining and updating the software is another big challenge for retailers.

A Solution to all the Issues

Retailers need a robust Enterprise mobility solution to ensure easy monitoring and control of deployed tablets in store. DeviceMax Lockdown helps retailers overcome all the challenges discussed above and enhance customer experience by digitizing in-store operations.

The solution allows managers access and modify functions of deployed devices remotely, allowing automation of processes like product demos, inventory and floor management & navigation, taking orders, and direct cash payment, among others. Additionally, DeviceMax lockdown allows restricted use of apps and data on tablets deployed with app management, preventing unwanted additional costs.