The Need Of Enterprise Mobility Applicaions In Businesses

November 7, 2016

Enterprise Mobility Applications

With the rising trend of mobile device use in the corporate world, companies are looking for ways to manage, control, and protect the data accessed by those. Many different solution providers have emerged with enterprise mobility solution to help organizations secure & manage their sensitive, Corporate data.

Some of the main features most business admins look for in an enterprise mobile application include security, app & device management, Remote setting, configuration settings, and policy management, along with monitoring & reporting functions.

Whether the number of devices used by the company is large or small, enterprise mobility management is a vital consideration for businesses of all sizes. By allowing simultaneous management of multiple devices through a single dashboard, MDM helps to reduce cost & downtime as well as minimize business risks.

Why businesses invest in enterprise mobility services?

Enterprise mobility applications help businesses improve efficiency of mobility in the workplace. Some of the main purposes why businesses invest in these tools are, to:

  • Allow mobile device use on the corporate infrastructure
  • Encourage better productivity by empowering employees to work anytime, and from anywhere
  • Remotely manage devices, apps, deliver updates, data, and other resources
  • Manage corporate data on mobile devices securely

How should an MDM Tool Help Businesses?

A good device management tool should empower admins with the ability to:

  • Enforce password protection & block device use after multiple failed attempts
  • Remotely lock device, or wipe data from stolen or lost devices
  • Remotely configure settings, email, contacts, and calendar on the user device
  • Detect and block, jail-broken or rooted devices
  • Ensure compliance with corporate policies & best practices
  • Block, disable, or remove unwanted apps
  • Locate employee devices remotely

Thus, enterprise mobile apps let organizations manage employee devices to ensure secure access to the corporate data.As discussed above, a typical MDM tool provides admins with features to enforce corporate policies, secure data & devices remotely, and improve workforce productivity with managed mobility.

Depending on the type of solution, IT admins can manage devices either via an MDM server or a cloud. With remote device tracking & management, controlled access to corporate resources, and enforced corporate policies,

admins can manage devices either via an MDM server or a cloud. With remote device tracking & management, controlled access to corporate resources, and enforced corporate policies, enterprise mobility solutions allows organizations reap the benefits.

Benefits of Managing Mobility

Deploying a mobile workforce has brought various benefits for businesses, including a few common ones like:

  • Enhanced productivity
  • Streamlined processes & apps
  • Increased user satisfaction

As a result of this, many organizations have started adopting mobility and BYOD concepts during the recent years. However, the willingness of employees to work remotely using mobile devices has forced other businesses to implement the same.

However, there are a number of MDM vendors out there with different products that might confuse and overwhelm you. However, you should choose the one that fits perfectly to your needs, so as to ensure satisfaction for both end-users as well as customers, using corporate mobile devices.

DeviceMax offers comprehensive mobility management solutions for businesses to boost productivity of their mobile workforce and ensure data security. They also provide a free trial for 14 days to allow organizations to test and try the products for their mobility needs, before paying an upfront.