Enterprise Mobility Solution For Field Force Management

October 5, 2016

Enterprise mobility solution - field force

Digitization has impacted workplaces in a manner that employees working out of physical offices use mobile devices to perform their job duties, efficiently and productively. Use of mobile devices offers various advantages to organizations delivering on-field services, along with some challenges that can be addressed with an enterprise mobility solution.

Mobilizing Field Force

Organizations that embrace mobility across their business have speedier operations and are more proficient at gathering data/information & delivering reports. Efficient mobility management makes employees more productive at work with an easy access to required resources. Moreover, they can stay in touch with other employees and head office and work together as a single entity, simplifying remote operations as well.

For instance, a delivery team of an eCommerce business is scattered across places, delivering goods. Or a sales team of another business is busy acquiring new clients at different locations. Using smart devices, business owners can stay connected with them every now and then. Thus, taking a call on a real time basis, sharing presentations at the end moment, or keeping your bifurcated team united is no more a big deal.

Adoption of smart mobile devices for field force operations has brought some significant changes to businesses, like:

  • Faster support with higher customer satisfaction: Smart mobile devices induce field forces with an ability to respond quicker to tasks assigned to them & deliver prompt resolutions. This results in satisfactory services and a better experience for customers of the business.
  • Integrated workforce for enhanced productivity: Smart mobile devices create a streamlined connectivity between field agents and in-house office employees. This seamless communication reduces information leakage, enables real-time updates on inventory and better approach to the jobs assigned.
  • Cost effectiveness: Field workforce normally needs to travel to and from physical office location to get real-time updates about products, services, or any other information or resources. However, use of mobile devices allows employees fetch the required data instantly, saving both time and money.

Thus, use of mobile devices helps enhance productivity, improve customer satisfaction, and optimize business costs with a connected field force. However, all these benefits are accompanied by a probability of loss or misuse (or unauthorized use) of data/device, and other challenges. An enterprise mobility solution can help address these challenges for a secure business mobility.

Managing Enterprise Mobility for Better Results

A field force solution MDM helps secure sensitive data on employee devices and improve business productivity via a unified admin panel for monitoring field-force activities remotely. The solution allows real-time tracking of devices, locking the device and wiping the data stored on it, in any case of loss or theft. Additional features to whitelist/blacklist websites, allow a selected list of apps to be used on the device, and others help restrict unauthorized use of corporate resources. Thus, deploying an enterprise device management solution allows businesses reap the full potential of allowing employees use smart devices at the workplace.

DeviceMax offers a comprehensive solution that combines device management, tracking, data security, and other features. This can help businesses embrace mobility with ease, with enhanced security of corporate data on mobile devices and better business productivity. For more information on how this enterprise mobility solution can help your business grow.