Why Enterprise Mobility Solution Is Important For Logistics Industry Growth?

August 3, 2018

Enterprise Mobility Solution For Logistics, Mobile Device Management Solution, Enterprise Mobility Solution, MDM Solution

When it comes to logistics, privacy and security of consumer information is very important. That’s where having an enterprise mobility solution for logistics comes into play.

Come to think of it, a typical delivery boy today has all the details of a customer. Right from their name and phone number, to where they live and digital signatures, on their mobile phone, they have everything easily accessible.

While ensuring this data needs to be easily accessible to these delivery agents at all times, how do you guarantee your customers that it remains secure?

Mobile devices have ensured better connectivity than ever, but the fear of data breach is equally evident. This is where an enterprise mobility solution for logistics or what is called a Mobile Device Management (MDM) system, enters the picture.

Simply defined as a type of security software, MDM is used by the IT team of a logistics provider to manage, monitor and secure its employees’ mobile devices that are deployed across multiple mobile operating systems within the company.

An enterprise mobility solution for logistics, assists the delivery company in performing a variety of tasks such as tracking goods, dealing with external or third party systems, executing procedures, administering deliveries, and more. Simply put, a mobile device management system is helping logistics providers, maximize their company ROI by providing them actionable insights into their processes.

Here’s how the technology is helping the logistics industry grow exponentially.

Enterprise Mobility Solution, Mobile Device Management Solution, MDM Solution


1) Greater productivity

A typical supply chain company, consists of five primary functions – production, administration, logistics, security, and installation; not in the same order, of course. It’s clear that there are a number of teams involved when it comes to delivering goods at the right time – right from the admin team processing the orders to the ones shipping it out of the hub. There’s a lot of hard work and strong coordination required in this scenario.

With a proper enterprise mobility solution for logistic, all the teams can get access to real-time information at the tip of their fingers. This helps the team create a plan of action that is optimized for speed and customer satisfaction.

2) Organized goods tracking

What’s the primary goal of a mobile device management solution? To ensure the goods are correctly tracked and managed, irrespective of size and geography. That’s correct. In addition to this, it will also have access to the latest position and condition of the goods – till they are dropped off at their final destination.

In such a scenario, not only does the logistics company stay up-to-date about the goods in transit but also the customers who eagerly want the goods to be delivered to their end clients.

3) Quicker transit time

The timely delivery of goods is what matters the most in this fast moving economy. Due to mobile device management, the communication between various hubs and delivery centers is transparent and more efficient.

Moreover, the goods are tracked through a predefined process, and information about the position and condition of the assets is instantly available! This makes sure that the transit time is quicker and smoother – keeping both the customer and their end clients happy.

4) Efficient warehouse management

A typical warehouse uses different types of mobile devices to keep the team well informed. From smartphones and RFID tags to barcode printers and scanners – a warehouse is bustling with various devices which is why it is essential to have a system in place which encompasses it.

Thankfully, a complete enterprise mobility solutions for logistics includes warehouses and they do so in such a way that multiple teams from the administration, installation, security, and more are well equipped with information, anytime and anywhere. Sounds good, isn’t it?

5) Cost savings

An MDM solution contributes to lowering overhead costs, minimizing risk and boosting productivity levels. The enterprise mobility solution for logistics is exceptionally beneficial in upping the profitability quotient. The policies already set in place restrict business-linked mobile devices to corporate communication only; this prevents employees from using the devices for non-business use.

Choosing the right mobile device management

Enterprise Mobility Solution, Mobile Device Management Solution, MDM Solution

Logistics isn’t a simple process. There are multiple aspects that you need to keep in mind to be able to ensure that you’re choosing the right mobile device management solution. The enterprise mobility solution should be able to manage employee devices with certain IT policies, support for multiple mobile devices, enhanced security and more.

Here are the four key factors you should be looking for:


1) A single control panel

You should be able to enroll, administer, and manage policies and security controls for corporate and employee-owned mobile devices at your workspace from a single dashboard.

2) Easy setup and control

From enrollment and configuration to controlling policies, you should be able to smoothly setup and perform multiple tasks, without having to switch dashboards multiple times.

3) Advanced reports and logs

You should be enabled to capture device information, create logs and export reports to view usage statistics. Real time monitoring is the key to success in logistics.

4) Flexible solutions

The solution you choose, should be flexible enough to adopt technology advancements, and meet the evolving needs of enterprises. As a logistics company, you should only be worried about your deliveries and not technological stagnation.

Is your logistics company looking to reduce the risk associated with mobile devices or ways to boost employee productivity?

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