How MDM Helps In Faster Device Onboarding?

October 1, 2020

Device On-boarding

Setting up devices manually can be a tedious task, especially when you have a long list of support-tickets to solve. Enrolling each device manually can be time-consuming and prevents IT team from performing other tasks. However, mobile device management simplifies the device on-boarding process of new users and helps users kickoff their tasks from the very first power-on. Devices can easily be set up through an automated process which not only helps businesses ensure corporate data security but also enables employees to be productive right away. 

How MDM helps in faster device onboarding

Quick Device On-boarding

MDM aids enterprises to connect, authenticate and add devices through an over the air enrolment process without any need to manually enrol each device. It helps to simplify the deployment process of new devices and empowers employees to perform their tasks from the very first day and be productive. Moreover, bulk enrolment of devices helps to eliminate errors that happen during individual creation. It enables admin to identify if a record already exists in system, thus avoids duplication of entries. 

Single Sign On (SSO)

Adding credentials every time to access corporate applications and data becomes annoying for employees, therefore with Single Sign On (SSO) feature, MDM enables users to log in to their devices and access business data without entering multiple passwords. Authenticate users with single passcode or connect devices with Enterprise Active Directory (EAD) to facilitate single sign on which also helps them in not remembering numerous passwords. SSO helps ensure security of data as well as increases ease of data access for employees. 

Customizing Profiles

Profiles are used to administer policies and restrictions to devices for easier control. Admin can create different profiles for corporate and employee-owned devices and they can be installed on devices at the time of deployment. Profile management empowers enterprises to keep data secured from device theft, hazards through open networks, rooting or jailbreaking attempts, security breach, etc to prevent data leakage and protect corporate resources. It helps to create and enlist users based on roles, device type and groups. 

Policy Management

Enforcing policies on managed devices help to keep them in check to increase security of business data. Policies are used to secure managed devices to prevent unauthorized access and data leakage. They are enforced automatically on newly enrolled devices in existing or new groups, therefore, admin does not need to push policies again on recently deployed devices. The most commonly configured policies within the enterprise include Wi-Fi and VPN policies, passcode regulations, restrictions on device functionalities, and more. 

Auto Application Installation

As soon as the device gets enrolled, automate application installation and settings. The applications will be installed automatically without end user intervention when new devices are enrolled in existing or new groups. Mobile device management enables admin to distribute software easily on the newly deployed devices and take control over application wise data usage. It helps to save time by managing software installations and deploy business applications in a centralized way to increase employee productivity and operational efficiency. If it is an employee-owned device, a work container will be created to keep corporate apps and files separate from personal data. 

Device Management

Once the enrolment process gets completed, devices can be easily managed. Request device to check in and retrieve device status information including device brand model, IP address, battery percentage, signal strength, OS , APN, device storage information and more. After extracting crucial information about devices, the admin can start managing the newly enrolled devices from web admin console and install applications, push content, monitor device health, track location, etc. 


Saves Time and Cost

With MDM software, multiple devices are deployed at once through an automated process which helps to save time in getting new members on board. Faster device onboarding enables employees to use their device immediately with already configured policies and applications. Administering profiles to devices saves time and helps to change settings for multiple devices. MDM also supports BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) policy which helps enterprises to reduce overall costs and enhance corporate security by assigning a separate work profile to employee-owned devices.

Easy Setup

Admin does not need to manually set up devices and can mass assign users to a particular hierarchy structure instead of manually changing their reporting. Mobile device management solution empowers users to get access to all the corporate SOPs and policies the day they join. It streamlines setup and deployment of new devices. Automate application installation, policy enforcement and settings to newly enrolled devices. Once the enrolment process is done, employees can use their devices right away, thus it helps to increase workforce output and business efficiency. 

Increase Security

Enrolment process helps to load enterprise controls, configurations and applications to deployed devices to increase security. It assigns different profiles to both corporate as well as employee-owned devices to apply restrictions and policies to the devices. Furthermore, once the enrolment process gets completed, employees will not be able to uninstall mobile device management application from the device or perform a factory reset on it. In case of any security breach, alerts will be sent to the predefined email ids to prevent data leakage and protect business information. 


Mobile device management software helps to automate enrolment and configuration process for all the new devices. With a predefined format in place, it empowers enterprises to avoid duplication of entries, eliminate errors and helps employees to get access to corporate policies and SOPs the day they join.