What Is The Future Of Enterprise Mobility Solutions?

November 2, 2016

Mobility Enterprise Solutions

The mobile revolution has come a long way after the first launch of iPhone in 2007. Tech enthusiasts are now talking about wearable, targeted apps, remote charging, and more. In the next two years, the Internet of Things will make automation a part of our daily lives. Businesses are also participating in the mobile revolution by implementing enterprise mobility solutions to improve employee productivity and Data Security. However, this adoption of Mobility enterprise solutions by businesses includes challenges as well.

For example, CIOs of companies are struggling to put management controls on mobile devices, such as bring your own device (BYOD) policies. Thereby, it has become crucial for IT managers to monitor the smart devices as mobile technologies evolve and proliferate. Here are some recommendations for you in case you are looking for Mobile Device Management in near future:

Bifurcating professional and personal data:

With the increasing popularity of BYOD approach, the line between work and home has blurred for employees. Whether, they are at office or not they can reach out to emails, other employees and check project status. However, this throws a major challenge to your IT department. Whenever an employee resigns or loses his device it becomes hard for IT guys to protect the corporate data. This challenge can be overcome by bifurcating business and personal data at the first place and keep backup in the cloud using business mobility Mobile Device Management.

Wearable security:

The new way to use mobile technology is wearable. Your employees are already using wearable and it is going to be a habit soon. Your IT managers should have a clear strategy for securing wearable and ensuring protection from unauthorized access to data.

Asset and app management:

Managing apps and mobile assets are much easier than now. For example, if your employee installs an unauthorized app at his home network the same will be automatically de-activated when he enters office. With this, it would also be much easier for you to check if your devices are working or not, and which device is assigned to whom. For security measures, you can also monitor device access, passwords and many more remotely with the help of Mobile Device Management.

The future of MDM:

In the upcoming future of enterprise mobility applications or Enterprise Mobility Management, employees may use multi-language con- calls with instant translation to collaborate. They may also use mobile devices to transmit 3-D prototypes to their colleagues, who will then use their feel screen to “explore the product.” It may one day also be possible for mobile devices to translate thoughts into words and share with others. The day this happens might mark another turning point and will end of the physical office. In this ever evolving world, the challenges of profile management, data management, network management, asset management, and APTs are going to get bigger. This will also bring new innovations in mobile device management as well.

IT managers of tomorrow need to be trained to handle these challenges. IT management applications would be integrated with IT hardware to ease quick decisions and they will have to be technologically equipped in such a way that you never end up losing data or affect productivity of your employees.

Whether it is mobile, wearable, IoT or any advanced devices, when it comes to mobility enterprise solutions, then the solution is only Mobile Device Management. The constant advancement of mobile devices has also enhanced the innovations in MDM. As an enterprise, you will never have to be worried about mobility challenges as Mobile Device Management will always be there supporting your devices. If you are looking for this security solution then you can also register 30 days free trial