How EMM Solution Helps Businesses Improve Overall Performance 

November 11, 2020

EMM Solution

The increasing popularity of smartphones and their extensive adoption in corporate world is a proven fact. As enterprises are facing the growing need to offer employees flexible remote work options, it has become crucial for them to leverage security software to manage, monitor and secure data that is being accessed through these devices remotely. This is where Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) software plays a significant role.

Enterprise mobility management software helps to manage all the enrolled devices across multiple locations from a unified platform. It assists organizations to detect issues proactively and make informed decisions to increase security of confidential business data.

Key features of EMM solution

Quick Device Onboarding

Enterprise mobility management software helps to enrol multiple devices instantly without having to manually enrol each one. It streamlines deployment as well as configuration process and strengthens security by loading enterprise controls, configurations and applications the first time device is activated. By remotely configuring settings such as Wi-Fi and VPN, it makes sure devices are ready to use once they are handed over to employees.

Kiosk Mode

Access to internet likens the probability of data being used for entertainment or non-business apps and websites by employees. Therefore, with EMM solution, IT administrators can lock mobile devices into kiosk mode to run single or multiple business specific applications so that employees can only access authorized apps. Users are restricted to exit from kiosk mode, accessing usual device features, use factory reset settings or hardware buttons. Kiosk mode enables employees to use the device only for work purposes without any distraction or loss of productive hours.

Real-time Device Tracking

All locations and routes traversed by users can be tracked and viewed over map with the help of EMM solution. Real-time location of all the managed devices can be retrieved with details such as last operational location, battery level, location coordinates and network status. It helps to track users with suspicious behavior and get insights in case of any malpractice. Gain actionable data about corporate resources based on their location to increase transparency in business processes.

Mobile Content Management

Mobile Content Management (MCM) provides collaboration as well as advanced policy enforcement across multiple mobile devices used in enterprises. It is a key feature of enterprise mobility management solution which helps users collaborate by enabling access to enterprise data such as documents, emails, presentations, videos and more while working from different locations. Secured through encryption, mobile content management empowers employees to stay informed and productive by remotely accessing business data anywhere anytime.

Mobile Application Management

Mobile Application Management (MAM) helps with the management of complete app lifecycle beginning from installation, updation and deletion to managing app licenses, permissions, configurations, etc. It enables administrator to monitor as well as evaluate the health of corporate apps and restrict installation of apps that can cause threat or security risks to mobile devices. EMM software enables IT team to remotely install, update or delete apps from devices for employees to stay productive and efficient.

Application Containerization

Leveraging enterprise mobility management software helps companies create a work profile on employee-owned devices at the time of enrolment to segregate corporate data from personal data. Apart from device password, a dedicated password can be configured for work container to add another security layer to confidential business data present on BYO devices. The work profile is encrypted by default and copy/paste as well as screenshot feature is disabled to prevent users from sharing corporate data with others.

Remote Troubleshooting

With the help of EMM solution, admin can remotely access devices and provide remote assistance to users to resolve device issues. Instead of explaining all the troubleshooting steps to employees through emails or phone calls, admin can conduct real-time troubleshooting by accessing the device remotely. All the system updates, troubleshooting, maintenance, file uploads can be carried out remotely, thereby helping to reduce on-site visits and minimize support costs.

How EMM software benefits businesses?

Cost Efficiency

By enforcing lockdown mode on devices, enterprises can create a restricted browsing environment by disabling entertainment apps including data hungry games, social media applications, video, music, etc which reduces unnecessary data costs and empowers employees to be productive. Also, troubleshooting device issues remotely helps enterprises to reduce the need for agent involvement and minimize support costs.

EMM can also secure and monitor work containers on employee-owned devices, therefore, it empowers enterprises to adopt BYOD policy and save a tremendous amount of money since they don’t have to provide devices to all the employees.

Central Device Management

With EMM software, enterprises can manage, monitor and secure all enrolled devices across all locations from a unified platform. The central dashboard of EMM platform provides real-time visibility into entire device inventory and draws essential data about devices connected within the network. It strengthens operational intelligence and aids businesses to detect issues proactively, thereby helping them to scale business growth without any disruption.

Increase Workforce Output

Disabling access to non-business applications enables employees to focus on intended purpose of the device and be productive. With EMM software, enterprises can install or uninstall apps, push app updates and publish business files remotely to one or more devices. Thus, employees can access business files and apps anywhere anytime which helps to boost their productivity and enhances business viability. Furthermore, EMM assists to reduce device downtime and increase employee productivity by providing remote assistance to troubleshoot device issues.

Maintain Data & Device Security

EMM solution enables IT admin to apply numerous security controls regarding usage of devices, data, apps and network. Apps and websites can be whitelisted or blacklisted to prevent employees from opening unwanted content. It also facilitates remote wiping of data and remote lock of devices to secure corporate content in case a device goes missing or if an employee breaks a security policy. IT team can schedule security checks regularly to detect compliance violations, trigger alerts in case of any security breach and push security controls to mobile devices.

Also, an encrypted container can be created on BYO devices to keep business resources separate from personal data. The admin will only be able to monitor, manage and secure work profile leaving personal data untouched.


Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) software provides a comprehensive solution to address all the mobile management needs and plays a significant role in securing confidential corporate resources as well as increasing overall business performance. Leveraging EMM solution, organizations can conduct compliance audits regularly to identify any violations and streamline operational processes to drive business forward.