Why Is BYOD Adoption Super Important In Today’s Era?

January 12, 2017


According to the study of Gartner, Almost 40% of big companies employees of United State used personal devices at work. Mobile workforce of big enterprises provided by many benefits to keep their mobile data or devices secure. According to the world stats and figure, In 2010, 43% blackberry share had invested in U.S. market. That time the Blackberry devices were very popular in the world and then the need of MDM EMM appeared. Mobile Device Management Solution was created to control & manage full access of employees devices. With the rapid adoption of android smart devices in the world, personal devices of employees are becoming in the use of their professional work also.

As with the rapid adoption of BYOD (Bring your own device) Companies are giving freedom to their employees and workforce to use their personal devices at work. BYOD enables workers to access their devices anytime any anywhere. Deployment of MDM solution to the devices, various policies can be enforced and employees can access personal as well as corporate email accounts, various apps and browsers. All there activities can be controlled remotely.

According to the Gartner, these are the to 3 benefits of BYOD

  1. 85% increase in employee satisfaction
  2. 74% access expansion to mobile apps
  3. 62% improve user productivity

MDM Software allows organizations employees to access their sensitive corporate data on their own devices and all these devices managed remotely through a single console. Top Benefits of Mobile Device Management implementation given below : –

  • Improved Mobile Data Security
  • Effective Enterprise Mobility
  • Deploy various apps remotely based on user roles
  • Track Mobile usage statistics

MDM is very important for companies who has large workforce. The main aim of Mobile Device Management Software is to increase employee productivity & provide high level data security to the mobile devices. DeviceMax Provides MDM EMM solution to the various organizations and companies to secure, monitor and track their workers devices.