How Mobile Field Force Management Improve Work Force Efficiency?

November 22, 2016

Mobile Fieldforce Management

A boss in Paris assigns various tasks to the field force team in early morning & field team gets notification and they log in to their android mobiles or tablets devices and start working across different cities. Apps set their route maps & various client sales point does met with this. It consolidates that Mobile Field force management sales team filled orders and then send to an inventory team then all the sales expectation been fulfilled.

In the world of advanced Technology everyday we met with new advancements which always change areas of our lives. In the modern business world, Tech solutions has changed the area of work with great improvements. Retail, Healthcare, Marketing, Hospitality, Banking, Financial and entertainment industries have effected. How can we forget transportation industry; in fact drastic change has been observed past few years. With the creation of Mobile Device Management solution, techniques to manage large field force management has been changed.

Employees become more productive : –

Many large field force companies has achieved big growth with deployment of popular mobile device management solution. As we all know its very touch to manage large number of field force but with the help of MDM Software their work productivity is highly improved & they have become more effective in their work. With this secured solution its become very easy to track all data related to the company in android mobile and tablet devices. Also various of data easily accessible to the both who are working in field as well as those working in office.

GPS tracking : –

When field force use mobile devices as provided by the company; they deploy MDM solution to the android mobile devices. with the solution they can track and monitor the location of every team member. This enable field force companies to manage their teams much more effectively and also deploy various tasks to the whole team remotely.

Data security : –

As everyone know data is the backbone of every company and large field force companies always look for the data security & storage. With all time mobile technologies; remotely you can update information to the whole team. More over even data security is the big challenge which is faced by companies but with this Mobile device management tools your all field force data secured on cloud. And if any field worker device lost or stolen then you can easily wipe that data remotely by giving only one command through your CRM.

Real time information : –

Field force management is mainly depend upon information given by the senior management. With Mobile technology various tasks and real time information given to field workers accompanied by a wide variety of data and follow ups.

Restriction of Unauthorized Usage : –

Mobile field force can not use any unofficial apps or browser in their Mobile devices only if they are companies owned devices but in BYOD cases companies can allow some of the apps and browser usage depends upon the requirement of work. In Byod cases the employee mobile privacy is safe and they can use only authorized apps approved by the company.

These are some ways in which MDM Software affects positively on Mobile Field force Management. We provide secured Device management solution to the large field force companies and which allows companies to restrict field force to use only authorized apps, as well as remotely monitor app installation & from single control console. You can also get 14 days free trail so that you could get better understand the features of this software.