Increase ARPU (Average Revenue Per User) In Telco With Device Management

October 22, 2020

Boost ARPU

Telecom operators across the world are experiencing difficult times as digitization is reshaping the industry landscape. The reduction in ARPU (Average Revenue Per User) is further heightened due to fierce competition in telecom marketplace. This leaves companies scratching their head while finding the road to increase customer experience and revenue. This is where device management solution has stepped up to help them! Providing a seamless onboarding experience, it empowers customers to gain easy access to data services and offers device self-care channels to troubleshoot common issues, thereby enhancing experience and  boost ARPU. 

Here’s how device management can help telecom operators to boost ARPU


The SIM OTA platform of device management allows a service provider to initiate new SIM services or to change contents of SIM cards in a swift and economical way. It helps to manage applets and files over the air on SIM cards utilizing SMS, HTTP, CAT-TP methodologies. The SIM OTA platform is an efficient way for remote SIM management capabilities including updation of PNN, IMSIs, PLMN, SPN, MSISDN, authentication parameters and more. It allows operators to issue control commands on SIM cards using its rich API, or through user interface and helps them manage entire SIM card life cycle beginning from activation of new accounts through numerous upgrades or roaming updates to cancellation of a SIM card. The SIM OTA platform offers a smooth deployment process of a SIM card which leads to more consumption by subscribers thereby helping operators enhance revenue. 

Hassle-free Onboarding

Device management solution offers a hassle-free onboarding experience to subscribers. The automatic device detection (ADD) function helps auto detect mobile devices latched on to the network and retrieves real-time device information. After detecting a device, it sends them the right APN and configuration settings for a smooth onboarding experience. It facilitates immediate service consumption by subscribers as well as provides them an easy access to data services. This enables operators to push through right plans and offer customers relevant information to boost ARPU. 

Device Specific Offers

ADD fetches real-time device data from all new devices latched on to the network by subscribers and helps operators target right customers through personalized offers and marketing campaigns. For example – with the help of device management solution, telecom companies can target right subscribers to push LTE device adoption campaigns and swiftly update customer devices. Similarly, it can be used to advertise LTE plans for owners of 4G-capable handsets. It also helps send loyalty offers to multi-SIM users to make sure they utilize operator subscription for data.

VoLTE Device Entitlement Server

Device management solution helps to solve VoLTE handset configuration problems by allowing over the air (OTA) configuration of operators’ service settings on device. It helps telecommunication industries with a standardized way to authenticate VoLTE devices automatically and push settings on an XML file to handsets over the air to allow customers to utilize services they are entitled to. It helps to offer customers new services including multi-SIM, provisioning companion devices such as trackers, smart glasses, etc and empowers operators to grow their business into emerging markets to boost ARPU. 

Self-service Channels

Derek Siver has rightly remarked, “Customer service is the new marketing.” 

When you are providing customers with a high quality service, they are likely to recommend you to others. Therefore, to deliver a superior experience, device management solution helps operators to provide self-service channels to customers. These device self-care channels such as websites, apps, decision trees, visual how to guides, chatbots, etc help users troubleshoot common issues without the need of any help-desk tickets thus helping operators to boost customer experience and increase revenue. 

AI-powered chatbots integrated with self-care apps also help to pitch customers for an upgrade in a product on the basis of earlier purchase history. 

Example – Vodafone, a multinational telecommunications company, built an artificial intelligence based chatbot, named TOBi to offer customer support through web chat service and to personalize customers’ sales journey. The chatbot handles a wide range of user queries including account usage queries, order tracking, device troubleshooting issues, end-to-end sale of SIM plans, and more. The intuitive artificial intelligence assistant has helped Vodafone boost customer experience by simplifying order process online and increase conversion rates by making sales two to three times faster than the traditional website. 

Mobile Device Management for Enterprises

Companies can manage devices used by employees from a single platform to monitor compliance checks and increase workforce productivity. Turn devices into kiosk mode to disable social media applications as well as other entertainment apps to prevent distractions and empower employees to focus more at work and solve customer queries to increase revenue. Mobile device management solution also helps operators to monitor calls, SMS, data consumption to reduce excessive data usage and decrease OPEX. 

To sum up, customer experience is the key for telecom to boost revenue. Therefore, device management solution assists telecommunication companies to offer quick resolutions to customer queries as well as deliver personalized support to provide a superior experience and boost ARPU. It offers easy access to self-service channels to aid customers fix simple device issues related to maintenance, troubleshooting, installation, etc. and enables operators to build a stellar experience in customer support. 

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