What Are The Kiosk Mode Benefits For Businesses?

October 28, 2016

Kiosk Mode

Mobile devices are often termed as unfit for corporate use due to distractions as well as security issues. Multiple consumer features on smartphones can reduce employee productivity and leave a negative impact on business performance. Therefore, kiosk mode provided by mobile device management software has surfaced as an optimum solution to prevent distractions and increase employee productivity.

Kiosk mode helps enterprises to block non work applications and prohibits users from tampering with device settings. This prevents distractions as well as device misuse and increases workforce output.

What are the features of kiosk mode?

Single and Multi App Mode

Kiosk mode restricts devices to run a single or a specific set of business applications to increase workforce productivity. It prevents employees from accessing non work apps and empowers them to use device only for business purposes. With a single app mode, devices can be converted into a single purpose device. The designated app can be configured to run in full screen. This prevents all other device functionalities.

Website Whitelisting & Blacklisting

With kiosk mode, IT admin can whitelist and blacklist websites according to business requirements. It provides access to only allowed websites to users. Once the policy is enforced, a separate browser will be installed along with mobile device management app whereas all other browsers get blocked. Incognito mode can be enforced on devices remotely to increase security. It keeps users focused on intended tasks as well as prevents distractions and builds a safe user experience.

Peripheral Control

When devices are locked down using kiosk mode, access to settings and other device functionalities is also disabled. The admin can provide employees a custom settings app which gives users control on basic device settings such as brightness, volume, screen rotation, Wi-Fi and more. It prevents employees from unnecessarily tampering with device settings. Kiosk mode enables admin to disable the home, back and power button to prevent users from exiting kiosk mode.

Remote Support

The admin can control the kiosk remotely, view device screen, take screenshots, push or delete files, install app updates and more. Mobile device management software enables admin to control and manage device settings widget over kiosk mode. Settings widget can be enabled or disabled remotely as per company requirements.

Remote Troubleshooting

In case an employee faces technical glitches, network errors or any fault in a device, admin can provide remote assistance to the user and troubleshoot device issues. This reduces device downtime as well as support costs. Moreover, there is no need for employees to come to IT department for device repairing.

Real Time Device Monitoring

With the help of mobile device management platform, admin can monitor device health status and get information regarding battery level, signal strength, APN, app updates, data limit, device storage and more. Enterprises can track real time location of devices and set geofence to restrict device usage in case the user crosses the defined boundary.

Centralized Campaign Management

Using central dashboard of MDM software, admin can run curated campaigns on different kiosks for each of their stores. The advertisements can be updated easily from unified dashboard. This helps to target specific audiences based on location and time of the year.

Custom Branding

Mobile device management solution provides flexibility to businesses to customize lockdown home page with company values, advertisements, logo and more. This helps to show your brand identity on enrolled devices and sends a unified brand message to both employees as well as customers. Thus, with kiosk mode, you can create a customized enterprise experience and offer employees a sense of identity.

How kiosk mode benefits enterprises

Increase Security

Kiosk mode enables enterprises to limit website URL visits, schedule browser cache cleaning and control which apps can be accessed by employees on enrolled devices. The admin can disable unknown sources option to restrict third party application installation on managed devices. Malicious apps can be identified on devices and deleted remotely.

File sharing access can be disabled from devices to prohibit employees from sharing confidential data with others. Also, the admin can configure Wi-Fi and VPN settings remotely on devices to prevent connections to malicious networks.

Increase Workforce Productivity

With kiosk mode, devices can be locked down to function as purpose oriented devices and limits user access to only essential apps.

Using kiosk mode, admin can disable non business applications such as games, social networking apps, camera, music and more. This prevents distractions and empowers users to focus more at work, thereby increasing workforce productivity.

Devices enforced with kiosk mode are equipped with business specific apps and files. It helps employees to access the right app and information in real time to complete their tasks. MDM also allows enterprises to provide remote assistance to employees in need of technical support to reduce device downtime and increase employee productivity.

Reduce Operational Expenses

Kiosk mode prevents the unnecessary use of enrolled devices. It disables non work applications including data hungry games, video as well as music apps, social media applications. This reduces data consumption level and minimizes cellular expenses. Kiosk mode limits device usage by providing employees access to only business apps. It prohibits users from surfing internet, downloading any other apps or browsing websites, thus bringing down data costs for the organization.

Moreover, mobile device management solution helps companies to track app wise data usage and track the location distance covered in a day by field agents. This provides flexibility for enterprises to manage expenses.

Enhance Business Efficiency

Kiosk mode empowers employees to use devices only for work purpose and enhance productivity. This streamlines operational efficiency and increases overall business performance. Enterprises can schedule compliance checks to identify violations in case of a security breach and secure corporate data.

Moreover, the admin can provide remote technical assistance to employees to troubleshoot device issues. This minimizes device downtime and increases business efficiency.


Efficient and secure, kiosk mode has become a fundamental tool for device management for all organizations. Incorporated with multiple capabilities, kiosk mode does not only helps enterprises to increase employee productivity by preventing distractions but also assists to reduce operational expenses and enhance overall business performance.