Latest Trends of Enterprise Mobile Management in Retail Market

November 29, 2016

Enterprise Mobile Management

Enterprise Mobile management or Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) is changing the people’s shopping experience in retail with the adoption of new EMM business models. In addition, 67 percent of the people search for and buy various products on the smart devices. Due to this, Physical retailers are using mobility solutions to compete with e-commerce to improve customer experience.  EMM  has now become the high priority of all the retailers present in the market to boost sales and also to improve work productivity and growth of employees.

Enterprise Mobility in Retail & Consumer Product Industry

EMM is helping retail companies as well as consumer industries to capitalize on their bygone CRM investments. This has ultimately advance to one to one communication between the organization or company and business partners & the shoppers and so on.

Among the advantages it has vested on the specific business area consist of :-

  1. Enable businesses respond quickly with real time supply chain monitoring.
  2. Transformation of warehouse functions with this result productivity and operational efficiency increase.
  3. Retailers use number of mobile browsers and applications to inform consumers on their offerings.
  4. Positive acknowledgment of retailers in the anatomy of fine-tuned adaptable business approach strategies.

Trends of Retail Market in India

  1. Mobiles are the main component of Enterprises to work and this is changing the way of doing business. As smartphones and tablets improving customer experience & they are using new engagement models to deliver business impact.
  2. In today’s digital technology world, mobile phones plays an important role in personal as well as professional life. According to the IDC report there is 23% percent increase in the smartphone usage than last year. With this rapid growth of mobile apps or Enterprise Apps retailers and big enterprises are adopting Enterprise Mobile management to enhance business productivity, streamline workflow and increase revenue.
  3. Businesses are specifically demanding EMM-MDM to meet the demands of employees and customers. If businesses are looking to enhance customer satisfaction and improve work flow then this mobility solution is the best to achieve results.

In response, retailers are deploying mobility-based business models with various MDM EMM strategies and solutions. DeviceMax provides the mobility management solution to the entire retail value chain. We help retail to stream line operations, protect data, & empower employees to keep pace with the customer’s changing demand. If fact, We also provide 14 days free trail for this solution.