Why Lock Apps On Android A Preferable Security Solution For Tablets?

November 4, 2016

Lock app android

Kiosk Mode tablets are more affordable, flexible to use, and offer multiple applications, as compared to traditional, large, immobile kiosks. An Android tablet, combined with a Lock app android solution is a great tool to be used for various different purposes. Some of the factors that make tablets more attractive and useful as kiosks are discussed below:

Security: Security of device and data contained on it is a prime concern for any device being used by consumers, either for personal or professional use. Some of the common concerns with securing data on modern-day devices include protecting the application launcher, browser lock down, application reset after each use, and more. Android Lockdown applications help protect data on Android tablets, allowing secure application access to consumers, protecting user data from being accessed by any unauthorized person.

Usability: As compared to fixed kiosks, tablets are flexible and easy to use alternatives. With millions of apps already available on app stores, you might find one for your purpose easily, or can get a custom application developed as well. Moreover, using a tablet as a kiosk also cuts down the waiting time for the manufacturing, shipping, installation, and deployment, as is the case with traditional kiosks. Rather, you can buy a tablet from anywhere and get turn it into a kiosk with a Device Lock android solution, readily available in the market.

User Familiarity: Smartphones and tablets have become commonly used technology products of today, allowing tablet kiosks to be widely accepted with more ease than traditional ones. Moreover, variations in design and use of traditional kiosks make users more hesitant to learn and use them, which is not the case with Android tablets available today. For instance, unlike tablet kiosks, a traditional one might use a physical keyboard, trackball, or a virtual keyboard, touchscreen, for navigation and input purposes.

Affordable Alternatives: Affordability comes out as a key differentiate for tablets as compared to traditional kiosks. As already discussed above, multiple tablet options are available for different price ranges, suiting almost every budget needs. Even if you are going to use these devices as fixed kiosk app android, adding an enclosure will still cost lesser than the traditional kiosks. And then again, you get all those benefits of flexibility, ease of use, familiarity, and others with tablets only.

Diverse Hardware Options: Android OS is being used by multiple device manufacturers in their Smartphones and tablets. Thus, you get a diverse variety of hardware options available, in terms of screen size, cost, battery life, flexibility, ruggedness, and more factors. Connectivity options like USB ports, HDMI ports, OTG connectivity, and others are also available for different purposes.

Thus, tablets offer a great alternative as movable, flexible, and affordable kiosks as compared to the fixed kiosk boxes used in the past. All you need is a tablet and a device lockdown tool, both easily available in the market. However, you should evaluate and list down all your business needs, before purchasing both the tablet and the kiosk mode software solution.

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