Manage Android Devices – MDM or MAM for Enterprises?

November 11, 2016

Manage Android Devices

Android device management is not a new concept now, as it is used by many organizations today, and so is android application management. However, these two entities may be confusing at times, as MDM and MAM have different aspects in some cases.

Let’s discuss the difference to get a clear picture of what you need, Mobile Device Management or Mobile Application Management?

Android Mobile Device Management (MDM) takes a completely device-oriented approach to securing and monitoring smartphones & tablets. IT can enable protected access to the device by enforcing the use of a password, and keep sensitive data out of any unauthorized reach by remotely wiping a lost or stolen device. Other basic features of MDM tools include the ability to track inventory, enforce policies, and perform real-time monitoring & reporting.

Mobile application management (MAM) offers more concentrated controls. MAM gives IT the ability to secure and manage only a particular list of apps installed on the user device. IT could wipe or cut off the access to the employee’s corporate email without deleting his personal data. In fact, IT will not even get to know about any personal data stored on the device. IT admins can also utilize MAM to deploy apps and limit the sharing of corporate data with other apps.

Now, when you have a clear picture of MDM and MAM, it might still be confusing to decide whether to manage my devices or apps only or both. As a common practice in the industry, both the products are combined and used as one in the industry. MDM helps you to focus on device & data security, and much more which covers vast areas of interest. On the other hand, MAM plays with app & website shortlisting, and data security. Here are the areas where you can merge them to completely manage devices.

MDM and MAM for Security Purpose

As a general understanding, enterprise device management is considered more of a security play, whereas app management focuses on mobility enablement. However, this doesn’t mean that MAM’s app security features are not up to the mark. However, MAM also offers certain security features, in addition to enabling mobility. IT department can use apps management solution to create a catalog of safe and approved apps for employees to download, which improves on the blacklisting and whitelisting features of an MDM product.

Using Solution for Android Device Management

MDM Solution can integrate with MAM to automatically deploy and update mobile applications. MDM also offers mobile document management features that can tie in nicely, along with other tools that are useful to manage and secure corporate data sharing.

In a nutshell, if you want to focus on your app and corporate data security only, you should consider only the MAM. However, your challenges will not end there, and you will have to take extractions from MDM solution as well. The bottom line is if you want to manage Android devices for enhanced data security and employee productivity, you should consider both of them. For more features of MDM visit our DeviceMax website.