Manage Enterprise Devices with MDM for Android

December 28, 2016

MDM for Android

With increasing trend in the number of mobile devices, more of application, content, and data are being accessed through these hand-held gadgets. Mobile Device Management MDM or MDM for android, plays a vital role in an enterprise, as it helps them secure data and increase the productivity of employees, serving as a data management and security solution.

Mobile Device Management software helps secure, support, and manage mobile devices of an enterprise. It plays a crucial role in device lifecycle, covering hardware, software, and attached services. MDM functionality includes distribution of applications, data, and configuration settings remotely for all types of android mobile devices, including tablets and smartphones. This applies to both “company-owned” and “user-owned” (BYOD) devices across the organization.

MDM Android or Mobile Device Management can control and protect the data and configuration settings for all devices, connected to the network. MDM helps reduce business risks and increase the productivity of the employees. Rise in popularity of smartphone and tablet usage contributed to the strong demand of using personal devices at workplace. Employees feel more comfortable in using their own devices for work. Due to this, sometimes, many of the employees take undue advantages, and try to misuse the corporate data for their sole benefits.

However, risks associated with these devices, such as sensitive data going into wrong hands, lead to data breach or data loss.

Enterprise Owned Devices: As there is a high probability that employees lose the mobile device or somehow it can get stolen, a MDM Software or Mobile Device Management solution can assure your data security. With Mobile Device Management, you can track the lost device and keep backups on cloud storage. In case of emergency where the data cannot be recovered, remote lock and wipe feature will delete all the data permanently from the device that too from a remote admin dashboard.

For BYOD: For BYOD, containerization is a solution where you can create separate virtual containers in mobile storage and store corporate data. All the data security policies are applied for the specific containers and not for other folders where employees keep personal data. This not only keeps employee privacy intact but also helps to keep data backup. Whenever the device is lost/theft or employee leaves the organization the containerized data is fetched for back up and data wipe.

Hence, all your enterprise mobility related issues can be easily solved with Mobile Device Management tools. We provide robust MDM for Android solution to the organizations and companies to secure, manage and monitor their workforce and employees devices remotely.