MDM Features Offered by Mobile Device Management Companies

December 24, 2016

Mobile Device Management Companies

The usage of Mobile Device Management MDM is growing rapidly in business world & is used across big companies and organizations to manage, monitor & secure their tablets & smartphone devices. With the MDM solutions, its main aim is not only to secure mobile devices themselves but the data available in devices and manage all the apps used by employees as well. As there are a number of MDM solutions available, Devicemax is one of the best Mobile Device Management Companies with robust MDM and Lockdown solutions for the enterprise.

DeviceMax For Enterprise:

DeviceMax deliver MDM solutions to major small and big enterprises & help them to secure their corporate data & deploy various apps in a wide variety of mobile devices. This solution helps employers secure company-owned as well as BYOD devices, manage apps, secure data access, and enforce location based control, with geofencing restrictions.

Key feature of DeviceMax include:

Secure Widget Lock –

  • Kiosk Mode : – MDM Application or MDM Widget model blocks unauthorized access, and allows end-user access only whitelisted apps. Employer can prevent uninstallation of apps, or closing, of the widget with a password protection.
  • Email Containerization : – Restricts users from sharing corporate data with unauthorized users, apps and other sources. With its own secured file explorer, email client helps keep the data hidden in primary and secondary storage of devices.

DeviceMax MDM primarily deals with corporate data segregation, securing emails, securing corporate documents on device, enforcing corporate policies, integrating and managing mobile devices

Thus, Mobile Device Management or Mobile Management is an essential component of an enterprise mobility, as it helps employers manage their mobile workforce, as well as secure their devices and data contained on it. Many Mobile Device Management Companies present in the world but DeviceMax provide comprehensive solution to small and medium enterprises to secure their corporate data and manage employees easily.