Importance Of Using MDM For Hospitality Industry

MDM solution

Mobile devices are dictating how we live our day-to-day lives. This evolution is not only changing our personal lives but also the way industries work. In hospitality industry, mobile devices have radically modernized the business outlook. Let’s see how tablets modernize the hospitality industry and how an MDM Solution solves its challenges.

  1. Digitized Menu
    Many classy restaurants make use of tablets for displaying menu. For example, customers can see pictures of food and have options to customize ingredients for their meal and how it is to be cooked.
  2. Reception and front desks
    Hotels place tablets on the front desk to display facilities while customers wait for check-in formalities to be finished. This is a good way of utilizing the waiting time, sharing video content and interactive information with customers.
  3. Infotainment during the stay
    Guests are given tablets at the time of check-in. These tablets have options like menu details, and apps to book appointments for facilities within the hotel like spa, cab booking, etc.
  4. Modernizing the lobby
    Traditional norms are to place magazines and newspapers for visitors in a lobby. However, their replacement with a tablet kiosks packed with news & magazine apps, offers and information about hotel is a perfect way to delight the customers.
  5. Feedback forms
    Customers in hotels are often asked to fill feedback forms. Filling a physical form is out-of-date. A touch screen device seeking feedback is a joy for the customers.

This is how tablets enrich customer experience. However, buying them involves huge investments. Their maintenance is also costly since they are always at the risk of being misused. They remain exposed to challenges like installing unauthorized apps, personal use of internet data, device overuse, etc. Mobile Device Management MDM is a seamless solution to overcome them. MDM enables blacklisting of websites, restricts the app usage and even blocks the device settings so that users cannot alter them. With asset management solutions, you can track devices that are in use and always stay updated with device status and heath.

DeviceMax’s award-winning MDM solution offers comprehensive set of features and benefits for hoteliers and restaurant owners. Get in touch with us to know more.