How MDM Is Controlling mPOS Android Threats?

Android POS Machines

With a rising number of people preferring cashless payments, the brick and mortar stores have started deploying smartphones and tablets to set up POS systems to receive contactless payments and offer visitors an easy and flexible checkout process. It does not only speeds up the procedure but also provides visitors a better shopping experience.


As per a report, the worldwide mobile point of sale (POS) terminals market valued at $19.5 billion in 2019, and it is expected to witness a CAGR of 17.9% during forecast period (2020–2030).


However, with increased convenience comes the security risk. mPOS devices contain confidential enterprise data which might fall into wrong hands if not effectively managed or secured. This is where mobile device management plays a key role. 


Mobile device management solution empowers enterprises to monitor and securely manage mPOS devices remotely from the central web admin console. It helps retailers to control devices leading to new ways of working and increasing sales.  

How MDM helps take Android POS threats under control?

Provision devices in multiple locations 

Mobile device management software offers a fast and seamless onboarding process to enrol a large number of Android devices quickly without having to manually deploy each one. It streamlines the onboarding process and increases security of devices by loading enterprise controls, configurations and applications the first time device is activated. The admin can enrol devices in bulk and configure them as well as create and enlist users based on group, roles and device type. Also, to ensure that POS devices remain secure, MDM enables IT team to remotely push Wi-Fi settings of identified, trusted networks and disable connections to any other wireless networks. 

Kiosk Lockdown Mode 

mPOS devices contain confidential enterprise data including customer database, trade secrets and more, which need to be secured to prevent data misuse. Therefore, with the help of kiosk lockdown mode, admin can turn smartphones into a single POS application or other business approved apps to prevent device misuse. The admin can provide access to only authorized apps as well as websites and install only trusted applications coherent to business on mPOS devices. Also, downloading of apps from untrusted sources can be controlled.  

Real Time Device Tracking 

MDM allows retailers to track real time device status including device battery, storage information, data usage, APN, and more. It helps to monitor system status and alerts the admin in case of a crash, data consumption, battery level, etc. Geofencing feature of mobile device management software helps enterprises to set up a digital perimeter for mPOS devices and restrict their usage in case a user moves out of the defined location. For instance – retailers can get notified immediately if mPOS devices are taken off the premises and make informed decisions to secure business data.  

Remote Control 

The retail store employees may not be so tech savvy to deal with malfunctioning devices or even minor technical faults in devices. Moreover, traditional IT troubleshooting methods including emails, on-site visits and phone calls are very time consuming and costly. However, with the help of MDM solution, IT team can have real time control over the device from MDM portal and troubleshoot all device issues over the air (OTA). Admin can view device screen live, take screenshots, install app updates, push or delete files and provide remote assistance to employees in real time to troubleshoot device issues. This ensures security of mPOS devices as enterprises can have a granular control over all the enrolled devices.  

Remote Device Lock and Wipe 

mPOS devices contain a lot of confidential information and in case a device goes missing or is lost, the data might fall into wrong hands risking the reputation and credibility of your business. Consequently, protection of POS devices against a theft or data breach is very essential and MDM is a must have for that. Mobile device management solution is capable of locking or wiping a device if it is lost or stolen, to secure business critical data. It offers passcode protection to devices so that only the authorized personnel can access the device. 


MDM also provides complete data wipe as well as partial data wipe feature to delete device data. Complete data wipe allows to delete all the files and folders from a device, thereby rendering it as a formatted device whereas partial data wipe feature allows selection of files and folders from a device to delete data.  

Unified Dashboard

A central dashboard of device management platform extracts real time data from all the managed devices across different locations and converts them into insightful reports on dashboard. It provides retail managers with an overview of all the enrolled devices and their compliance status pertaining to protocols. The admin can gather details regarding device compliance status and view battery level of devices, network status, application installation summary, policy management, enrolment status, the list of devices that have exited kiosk mode, and more. It helps to provide crucial data about compliance violations and make informed decisions to secure business critical data.  

Final Thoughts

Mobile device security has become a major concern for POS system users as well as retail managers, therefore, implementing a mobile device management solution is critical to manage as well as secure business assets and confidential data. It does not only offer you the convenience to use a handy mobile device or tablet as an POS device but also ensures the security of confidential data contained in these devices.