How MDM Helps In Location Tracking Of Connected Devices?

September 21, 2020

Finding it difficult to track the location of connected devices MDM is here for your rescue!

Be it a small firm or a large enterprise, mobile devices have become an integral part of every organization. From retail businesses to logistics companies, each and every organization has embraced mobility technology to keep up with customer’s demands. However, these smart devices come with their own set of challenges – 

How to ensure that these devices are used for the intended purpose? 

How to keep a check on employees and prevent data leakage? 

This is where a mobile device management solution becomes handy. MDM software helps enterprises to manage, monitor and secure all the enrolled devices across different locations from a unified platform. It empowers businesses to track real-time device location and restricts access to corporate resources in case of a security breach. 

Here’s how MDM software helps enterprises to track employee activity

Real-time Device Tracking

Track real-time device location with details including date, time and location. Mobile device management software helps enterprises to physically locate where the device is and check when it was last operational to ensure employee productivity. This feature provides detailed information regarding the location of mobile devices under management using GPS, mobile network and wireless WAN management capabilities. Monitor device health status such as signal strength, device storage information, battery level, APN, app updates, data limit, etc and send alerts in case defined threshold levels are met. 


Geofencing provides a secondary layer of security for organizations managing both corporate as well as employee-owned devices. It helps to set up a virtual boundary with respect to a physical geographical location and limit access to corporate resources once a user crosses the defined perimeter. Alerts are sent to predefined email ids in case of a geofence breach to increase security of corporate data. Geofencing aids to track employees with suspicious behavior and get insights in case of any violation.

Location-based Control

Providing access to confidential business data to employees involves a lot of security risks. However, MDM provides full control of corporate data to businesses and helps them set limitations on data that users have access to, based on their location. Limit access to corporate resources once a user crosses the defined location. Disable camera and other device settings such as screen capture functionality, copy/paste feature to secure corporate data. Block social media apps, games, video, music, and other entertainment apps to eliminate distractions and increase employee productivity.  

Location History

Location history feature of MDM software enables enterprises to view the list of locations traversed by an employee over a period of time. It helps to track all the managed devices and check their extensive path history. View user or group wise reports of geo-coordinates of enrolled devices and calculate location distance covered in a day by field agents. It provides flexibility to organizations to manage travel expenses. Also, all the notifications regarding geo-fence breach, unauthorized access of devices, etc are available in the form of reports. 

Asset Management

POS (Point of Sale) devices contain confidential customer data which may fall into wrong hands if not secured properly. Thus, mobile device management software empowers retailers to set up a geofence for their mobile POS devices so that they can be immediately notified if they are taken off the premises. It also enables them to secure data by instantly locking or wiping off a device in case it goes missing. Creating a geofence around a warehouse helps owners to get instant alerts if their rugged devices are taken out of the defined fence. 

Unified Map View

Integrated with a real-time location tracking feature, MDM allows admin to view all the active devices over map and retrieve GPS coordinates, connected date/time and accuracy. Track multiple devices at once from central dashboard, monitor routes followed by dispatch teams and time taken for each delivery. In case a delivery agent gets deviated from the assigned route, MDM solution will alert the dispatcher, thus helping enterprises increase transparency and streamline business operations. 

Benefits for enterprises

Enhance Corporate Security

A mobile device management platform helps enterprises to track location of all the enrolled devices and check when they were last operational. It can remotely lock or wipe a device in case of a security breach or if a device goes missing. Whitelist/blacklist applications or disable device peripherals on the basis of employee’s location. For example – file sharing access can be restricted to prevent users from sharing corporate data with others or GPS tracking of employee-owned devices can be disabled outside work locations to ensure privacy of employees. 

Strengthen Operational Efficiency

MDM enables to manage both corporate as well as employee-owned devices without any hassles. Enforce lockdown mode to empower users to focus more at work during office hours to increase workforce productivity and streamline business processes. Keep track of all the managed devices and monitor routed followed by dispatch teams. MDM solution notifies the dispatcher if a field agent gets deviated from the assigned route, thereby helping employees use their time appropriately and increase operational efficiency. 

Monitor SOP Compliance

Enterprises can also check whether devices under the management comply with company’s security policies or not. They can schedule compliance audits regularly to identify workers with suspicious behavior and increase corporate security to prevent data leakage. With real-time location tracking feature of MDM, businesses can get access to historic logs related to SOP adherence, routes followed and time taken for delivery. Admin can also retrieve real-time device status such as battery level, signal strength, data limit, app updates, APN, memory storage information, etc. Optionally, alerts can be sent in case the defined threshold levels are met.

Increase Employee Productivity

Organizations can remotely disable non-business applications during office hours such as games, camera, gallery, social media apps, music, video and other entertainment apps to prevent distractions and increase overall performance. Furthermore, by using geofencing, they can also monitor dispatch teams and receive instant alerts if a user gets deviated from the designated route. Equip devices with business-specific applications, install or uninstall applications, app updates and troubleshoot device issues remotely to increase device availability and increase output. 


Mobile device management solution not only helps in tracking real-time location of all the devices under management but also enables enterprises to control their usage and sends alerts in case of a security breach. It adds a secondary layer of protection to devices by setting up a geofence and locks or wipes a device remotely in event of any violation. 

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