How Does MDM Helps In Mobile & Data Security?

January 10, 2017

MDM Management

Mobile device management MDM is a type of security software used by many companies and organizations to monitor, manage, and secure employees’ mobile devices, deployed across the organization, using different mobile service providers. MDM Management allows distribution of applications, data, configuration settings, and patches for such devices.

An ideal mobile device management tool:

  • Is compatible with all common android mobile platforms and applications.
  • Can function with multiple service providers.
  • All policies implemented over the air, targeting specific devices as necessary.
  • Can add or remove devices from the system, as necessary to ensure optimum network efficiency and security.

All MDM products are built with an idea of containerization. All the corporate data, like email, documents, and enterprise mobility applications, is encrypted and processed inside a container. Additionally, encryption for the entire device, can also be enforced, depending on MDM product capability.

Safe Email: MDM products allow organizations integrate their existing email setup with MDM environment, providing flexibility of configuring Email over-the-air.

Secure Docs: It is frequently seen that, employees downloaded attachments to their personal devices from their corporate email & then misuse it. With MDM Solution this can easily be restrict/disable clipboard usage, in/out of secure container; forwarding attachments to external domains, and downloading/saving attachments on SD Card, to ensure high security for corporate data.

Secure Browser: Using secure browser can avoid many potential security risks. Every MDM solution comes with a custom, inbuilt browser. Administrator can disable native browsers to force user to use Secure Browser, which is also inside the MDM container. URL filtering can be enforced to add additional productivity measure.

Secure App Catalog: Organizations can distribute, manage, and upgrade applications on employee’s device using App Catalogue. It allows applications to be pushed on user device directly from the App Store, or push an enterprise developed private application through the App Catalogue. This provides an option for organizations to deploy devices in Kiosk Mode or Lock-Down Mode.

We provide comprehensive MDM Management or Mobile Management System to the enterprises to manage their employees devices remotely.We also provide 14 days free trail so that you could know about our reliable device management solution.