Mobile Device Management – Enhance Business Productivity

September 26, 2016

Mobile device management

The ability of anytime, anywhere access to information from over a wide range of smart mobile devices offers various productivity and efficiency benefits to businesses today. With smartphones, tablets, and laptops, not to mention the new types of internet-enabled devices entering the market, mobility has become a key aspect of staying in touch.

Along with its benefits, enterprise mobility also brings serious concerns about data security. This includes both accessing information via browser-based options as well as the use of applications on smart phones and tablets. Mobile device management solutions add the required security along with a desired control over the mobile devices used at workplace.

Benefits of MDM Solution:-

As businesses look to implement Mobile Device Management tools, there are several different benefits of using these tools including the basics of data security & device management.

  • MDM tool can be easily configured to prevent confidential, restricted, proprietary or sensitive information from being sent outside of the corporate network. It can also help in tracking mobile devices that are used to access corporate data, with factors like time of use and the way a particular application or data was used.

This can all be done through a single dashboard, which gives administrators a quick, effective, and simple way to view user device activity in real-time. Notifications can also be configured for an event of a data breach or any unauthorized attempt to access data or compromise an application on the device.

  • The best MDM Solution offers a tiered or hierarchical system to allow varied access to corporate resources based on user level or designation. This can be set up and configured to the individual needs of a business.

Along with the addition of security, this also helps organizations ensure complete adherence or compliance to corporate protocols, law or industry standards.

  • MDM makes it possible to configure the remote device lock and data wipe for mobile devices used by employees. With this, all the sensitive, corporate data can be completely removed from the device (if it’s lost or stolen) by the IT administrator.

With multiple MDM vendors available in the market, one can get a varied combination of features, security level, and customization options for individual needs. Consider the type of devices used by employees, the OS types and variants, and other features when choosing mobile device management solutions.

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