How Mobile Device Management Ensures Corporate Data Security?

September 7, 2016

Mobile device management

With the rapid uptake in enterprise mobility, smartphones are getting coupled with an accelerating range of mobile device types. This has raised the level of concern among enterprises for the security of corporate data accessed with these connected devices. Therefore, enterprises deploy mobile device management solutions to manage and secure their data across devices more effectively, but still many do not use such a tool.

MDM involves remote distribution of applications, data and configuration settings for almost all types of smart devices & tablets. The need of managing mobile device is growing with the rapid penetration of new smart devices and applications in the market. By optimizing the functionality of mobile devices, MDM lowers down the security risk.

There is no doubt about the fact that the OS platforms for mobile devices are booming up, where the tablet revolution boosts the presence of mobile OS on numerous user devices. Security and management of data on mobile devices has become the main issue for enterprises, with an aim to improve the productivity of on-field employees.

Addressing the Data Security Challenge for Enterprises

Data is of utmost important for every organization, and mobile security risk can occur anytime, anywhere. In order to address any such risk, you need to have an integrated enterprise device management solution in hand.

Why Use Mobile Device Management (MDM)?

Deploying a Mobile Device Management helps businesses:

  • Improve Productivity: With mobile access to required data and resources, employees can perform desired tasks immediately. This helps them avoid any delays by cutting down on the time required to move back to the office. Moreover, employees can invest their extra free time in more productive tasks, improving business efficiency.
  • Ensure Data Security: An MDM solution allows IT admins to remotely lock a device, or wipe all the data on it, in case of any theft or loss scenario. You can also get an alert of rooted or jailbroken device, to avoid connecting to any compromised device.
  • Save Costs: Cost efficiency is another benefit of MDM solutions, by offering seamless management and security solutions for different device and operator platforms. Also, MDM allows you manage and control employees’ personal devices, saving you costs of purchase and maintenance of mobile devices for workers.

Thus, mobile device management brings an entire suite of applications that enterprises need, in today’s world of increased flexibility and mobility among employees.

MDM Features for Data Security

E-mail Containerization: It restricts users from sharing corporate data with unauthorized users, apps, and other sources. Email client has its own secured file explorer, which keeps the data hidden in primary and secondary storage devices.

Secure Browser: Using secured browser helps avoid many risks, which is a basic feature of almost every MDM solution. The browser can be customized to allow access to a specific set of websites only. On deploying an MDM solution on a device, a separate browser gets installed on the device and disables rest of the browser apps, when policy is enforced.

Additional MDM features:

Apart from those discussed above, an MDM solution provides numerous additional features, as listed below:

  • Policy Enforcement
    • Block internal/external apps
    • Time-based policy enforcement
    • Wi-Fi/Bluetooth control
    • Status bar
    • Screen rotation
    • GPS
    • Mobile data
    • Factory data reset
    • Data roaming
    • Back-up
  • App Installation/Uninstallation
    • Remotely install app
    • Remove/disable apps

Thus, with an MDM solution, enterprises can enhance security of their data on devices used by employees, as well as deploy other useful features, to enhance productivity and security.

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